Bathroom Facelift

The bathroom like much of the house just felt dated. It also contained so much brass it was hard to take in all at once. A full scale renovation of the bathroom is not in the budget so instead we made some small changes to start to make everything feel a bit more modern. The […]

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Master Bedroom Tour

Now that we are homeowners in the panhandle of Florida we have been in non-stop project mode. So much so that writing and nearly everything else fell by the wayside. Things have calmed down just a bit and I’m excited to share with you the projects that we’ve been doing around the house. I of […]

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Farmhouse Bedside Lights

I’ve been really into lighting this move. (It always seems like I get obsessed with something when I’m settling into a house.) I think because everything in the house felt dated I felt like changing out some lighting could make a huge difference in the feel of the house. I had it in my head […]

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