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Pony Park City Packing List

This post contains affiliate links.  As we were getting ready for our trip to Pony Park City in the Netherlands we couldn’t quite figure out what we needed to bring. We’ve created this Pony Park City Packing List to help you make the most of your time visiting Pony Park City. Some of these items […]

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Visiting Keukenhof in April

I could honestly visit Keukenhof Tulip Gardens over and over, so when our spring schedule required a third visit I was pretty excited. My parents were in town so the Little Little and I accompanied them on a visit to Keukenhof in April. You might wonder how I could visit the gardens for a third […]

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An Afternoon at Keukenhof in April

It has been a year of spring visitors which means lots of visits to the tulip garden, Keukenhof. We hit the timing just about right by visiting Keukenhof in April. This time around we attempted an afternoon visit and took the boat ride through the flower fields. In 2016, 2017 and in March we visited […]

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Keokee Organized Travel Bag // Review

This post contains affiliate links. With three littles I have quite a bit of gear I need to have at my fingertips during trips. I’m always looking for a bag that can hold it all and keep it organized. On a recent trip we put the Keokee tote and organizer to the test. I thought […]

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CozyPhones // Review

This post contains affiliate links.  When I first saw these headband headphones I wasn’t sure what to think. Then I got my hands on a pair and declared them genius. They’ve made traveling with little ones a bit easier and I’ve even got a pair! The CozyPhones are essentially headphones tucked into a fleece headband. […]

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KeepEmQuiet Activity Packs // Review

Entertaining the littles when traveling is a huge stressor for parents. We are always on the lookout for activities we can bring along that don’t take up too much room, will keep the kids entertained and won’t be annoying to us and fellow travelers. We love digital tablets and find them hugely helpful, but also […]

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