Blog Business Cards + Coupon Code

I finally got around to ordering my blog business cards!


I printed them using MOO. Moo has a ton of great designs and shipped to the Netherlands without any trouble. You can get 10% off your first order by using this referral link.

I searched Pinterest and found so many adorable designs. I was quickly overwhelmed with all the adorable design options. You can go to Etsy and have them designed for you or follow one of the many tutorials online to design your own.

I designed my cards on PicMonkey. MOO had really easy to follow directions on how to upload my designs as well as file size suggestions.

The Moo cards come in a small, adorable box that has a place for storing cards as well. I’m a sucker for good packaging!

The back of my card has all my social media information, a picture of me, and the blog web address. The best space-saving trick I found was that you can use “” instead of “”

Go ahead. Give it a try. I’ll wait.

Blog Business Card Back


Blog calling cards are the perfect way to tell someone about your blog. Often my blog comes up in conversation or I want to pass on a trip plan. It is so easy to hand someone one of my cards. I also like to give them out where we are staying on a trip or if I am somewhere I know I am going to do a review.

If blog cards are on your “to do” list, sit down and knock them out. This is an easy one to mark off your list that will have lots of impact and make you look more professional.

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