Holland’s Flower Parade Float Viewing

Holland’s Flower Parade Float Viewing

Can you ever get enough of Holland’s Spring Flowers? We certainly don’t think so!

My original plan was to drag the whole family out for the Bulbflower Parade. I knew I would love seeing the floats made up of Holland’s flowers and thought the kids might enjoy the festivities as well.

The parade passes through all of Holland’s big tulip towns with plenty of options for viewing and festivities surrounding the parade’s arrival. I looked into getting seats in the grandstands so we knew we would have some place to see the floats from and be close to toilets etc. (Info on Grandstand Seating is here.)

After lots of research, Jeff and I decided the parade was not a good activity with the kids. My two-year-old and four-year-old do not sit still or wait very patiently. The parade is well timed but moves very slowly.

Kissing Dutch Kids in Flowers

Instead we decided we would stop by the float construction warehouse after our Keukenhof visit. Wednesday – Friday before the parade you can stop by and see everyone pinning flowers and bulbs to the floats. The entrance fee is €5 for adults. Kids 6 and under are free. Adult tickets include a cup of coffee or tea. (They were quite nice and let us get a juice box for H instead!) Parking is free and surprisingly well marked!

Float Construction with Kids

This was the perfect stop with the kids. They loved seeing everyone working on the floats. There is plenty of activity to keep kids engaged. We were able to walk right up to the floats!

Watching Floats Being Assembled

I loved being able to see how they mark out the detail and fill it in with the flowers.

Detail of a Flower Parade Float


Flower Float Detail


Hopefully as the kids get older we will think about venturing out to the parade and festivities, but seeing the parade floats was a perfect way to enjoy this tradition with our littles.

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  • Dear Elizabeth,

    We seem to go to all the same events….I love that you do so many off the beaten track things and your family stories & pics are great!
    Keep me updated on your next trips!

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