Archeon Park, Netherlands // Photo Diary

Archeon Park, Netherlands // Photo Diary

This weekend, sticking to our theme of local exploration for this pregnant lady, we decided to check out the Archeon Viking Festival held at the Archeon living history museum. The museum is part of the Museumkaart program and only a thirty-minute drive from Delft.

Archeon Sign

The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor adventure. There is plenty of parking on site for both bikes and cars (6.50 Euros for car parking, 1 Euro discount w/ online booking). You can also walk from the train station. The museum has three “lands” – Prehistoric, Roman and Middle Ages. Each land offers recreated houses, activities and demonstrations based on that period.

Archeon Craft Kit

If you’re visiting with kids it’s worth it to purchase the €3.95 activity pack. H made a felt bracelet, cooked bread over an open fire on a stick, rolled his own beeswax candle and made a Roman button (fibula).

Viking Festvial at Archeon

The Viking Festival brought with it Vikings camped out throughout the park. In addition to the traditional people you would find in each land, white tents throughout the park housed a variety of Viking merchants, craftsmen and warriors.


Viking Kids on Playground ArcheonMany of the Vikings have their children with them, so the park was positively full of children in traditional Viking dress.  Some were assisting their parents in various tasks, but many were just enjoying the park.

Archeon Playground

We were some of the first people into the park, so we started our visit with some playground time. Like any good Dutch museum, the kids playground offered lots of climbing options and sand for the kids. It takes the museum a bit of time to get “up and running” so this was a good way for the kids to play a bit before we explored the different lands. The lands have staggered opening times, so check at the entrance.

Archeon Prehistoric house

Our first stop was the prehistoric hunter-gatherer camp. There is a barefoot path here, which we skipped, but would be quite fun to experience with older kids.

Archeon Boats

Here, dugout canoes are available for anyone, who dares, to take out on the small lake.

Boys in Canoe

The boys were, of course, game for a canoe ride. Despite the appearance, Jeff did hop into the canoe to help the boys around the lake. They lost (and recovered) a paddle and also found some blackberries and elderberries to pick on their journey.

Archeon Town

We followed the path from the hunter-gatherer area to the Bronze Age and Iron Age farms.

Campfire Bread

One of the farm houses is home to the bread cooking. The bread is quite dense and takes a while to cook over the small fire. The boys quickly tired of holding the stick and turned it over to dad!

Red Berries Archeon

The paths between the areas were bursting with these red berries. Although they are a treat for the birds they are unfit for humans, but they do bring a pop of color to the park in late summer.

Archenon Village

My favorite area was the Medieval Town, filled with working craft houses.

Bakery Treats

The baker was just finishing up his morning baking and setting out his goods. The boys bought a few (4) cookies for €1.

Picking ElderberriesThe cobbler was in his window making some elderberry lemonade. My inquisitive children had a few questions for him, so he took them into the yard so they could assist with the berry picking.

Fish Guy ArchenonI could literally smell this guy coming down the road with the fish before I saw him. He was getting ready to cook the fish for town supper.

Beekeepers House

The beekeeper in town was in charge of making the candles, in addition to collecting honey. His hand-dipped candles were set to dry in his window. This was also where the candle rolling activity took place.

Sword Fighting Lessons

H also participated in a sword skills class. Everyone is given a real sword and instructed on how to properly use it. After a bit of practice with Dad, H challenged the teacher to a duel. (Seriously!)

White Flowers

I found a few more flowers I needed to take a picture of.  I love how in the Netherlands so many of these museums are built right into the natural landscape.

Roman Pin Making

In the Roman area, Jeff worked with H to make a pin they used as a button (a fibula). We also toured a Roman Bath House.

Roman Pin

The boys made this! How cool is that.


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8 thoughts on “Archeon Park, Netherlands // Photo Diary”

  • I know I saw another post of yours about Archeon Park and thought it was cool, but now seeing this, this is really cool experience for kids! Love those authentic canoes! #CityTripping

  • What an amazing and engaging experience! Love all the hands-on aspects, especially the breadmaking, pins, and the sword fighting. LOL at challenging the teacher to a duel. Too bad those gorgeous red berries are not edible for humans.

    Congratulations on the upcoming addition to the family!

  • How fantastic does this look – I would love to visit myself, and I’m sure my daughter would love being able to get so hands on. I do like living history style museums but it seems rare to find ones looking at this kind of history period. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  • What a fascinating place to visit. I’d love to go there, looks very education and great to have the close interaction with the Vikings. Not sure I’d fancy the canoe though..the water looks pretty green! #citytripping

  • How busy was it when you went? Wondering if we should go on a weekday as my kids are off for a teacher training day, or just wait till Saturday. Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle – If you get there early on a Saturday you will be fine. We found that by 1pm it was crowded, but the park is so large that the crowds spread out. If you can go during the week though you’ll likely have it to yourself.

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