Fall Apple Picking // Photo Diary

There are some activities worth repeating! Last year one of our first outings with friends was to go apple picking. (Read about that here.) We had such a lovely time I didn’t want to miss the fun this year despite opening weekend hovering near my due date.

We headed back to De Olmenhorst for their self pick opening weekend. It was cooler and less crowded than last year but was a perfect low key way to kick off our fall.



When we arrived we headed right for apple picking. Only one variety of apple was available for opening weekend (Santana). The Elstar apples needed another few weeks to ripen and therefore wouldn’t be available until early October.


The trees looked like they could use a bit more time, but we found plenty of nice looking (and smelling) apples. Apples don’t get much sweeter after they come off the tree, so what you taste is what you get.


This is a great orchard for the little ones as there were plenty of apples within their reach. Although dad did give them each a boost to pick some at the top of the trees, there was plenty for the kids to find at their level.


Each of my little ones insisted on carrying their own bag. Little O had about three apples in his bag and had to drag it behind him.


We paid for our apples (2 Euros per kilo) and parking (3 Euros) and headed to the other side of the farm which houses the pears and all the fun.


We couldn’t pass up the fun signs to stick your head through on the way.

silly-famly-photoHaha. . .this pretty much sums up our family currently! I’m not sure why I didn’t stick my head into the apple with Jeff!


The farm has a wonderful playground, where the kids (and Jeff) enjoyed running around. There is a tent with food, so we picked up sandwiches, pie and apple juice for a lovely picnic on the lawn. There were pony rides (2 Euros), a jump house (free) and a few little rides (1-2 Euros) in addition to the stores and craft booths that are on property.


Pear picking is also on this side of the farm. The pears will ripen once they get home so it is best to pick them before they get soft. It was all tears from the littles when it was time to leave.

It is so nice to have been here long enough to be doing something annually. When you move so frequently we often don’t want to waste time doing something for a second time in favor of trying something new, but having a fall tradition is good for the soul.


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