Yippie Yo “Crossbuggy” // Review

I could not have been more excited when my Yippie Yo Crossbuggy arrived at my door. The shipping box was massive! I was excited about the contents and my two littles were excited about all the things they could build with the shipping box. To satiate your curiosity, know that we kept the box for weeks while it served faithfully as a toy car parking garage, a rocket ship and fatally as a push-box for rides across the floor.

We find traveling with strollers quite difficult. I find them to be a complete necessity and yet I am never happy with the stroller we’ve brought along. There is a stroller dichotomy. You can travel with a cheap, light and small stroller or you can travel with an expensive, heavy, bulky stroller. The cheap option is often terrible to push while the expensive one is too big to maneuver on European streets. We haven’t been happy with our options for a while.

Consequently, I have been looking for a stroller that can safely and comfortably carry the kids and their stuff. It needs to be easy to maneuver in a variety of landscapes. It also has to fit in our car (4-door sedan) and be easy enough to take through an airport.

Yippie Yo Reclined

Enter the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy. It is like no stroller you’ve seen before. The Crosbuggy “stroller” is a mix between a cart and child carrier. It is a two-wheeled  buggy with a lengthy handle. It seats two and has a netted storage area in the back for small objects. The handle is curved at the end and has a hand brake. The sturdy aluminum construction is an engineer’s dream – it’s strong but lightweight, durable but playful. Further, it’s stable on various surfaces and inclines.

The Crossbuggy required minor assembly upon arrival. By minor, I mean that you just have to plug the wheels into their axle. This was super easy to do since Yippie Yo included a diagram with instructions. Any mom or dad would feel comfortable with the assembly. I found the instructions most useful for their description of how the handle works. The handle can be folded back for easy storage, which requires opening a latch. Once the handle is folded, the Crossbuggy fits into our car’s trunk!

Efteling Rental Stroller

The closest comparison I have are the little “rental strollers” used at Efteling.

Ridding in Yippie Yo

We, of course immediately took our Crossbuggy out for a test run into the woods. The boys love exploring back there but we felt it was the perfect off-road test track with mud, rocks, ravines and tall grasses. Our typical stroller is hard to push on forest paths but the Crossbuggy is much easier to handle on the rough terrain. It handled everything with ease. Of course, it’s hard to pull through deep areas and if you go too fast, you can get mud-splatter but that’s true of most rolling vehicles. In fact, the reason we chose a darker color was to hide dirt and damage from adventures.

Yippie Yo on Boat

There are a variety of obstacles in the woods that the boys love. I typically leave the stroller on a main path and pick it up when we are done exploring. The Crossbuggy came right with us.  It even made a crossing on a canal pull boat the boys love. And because of the two-wheel design, we did not worry about it plunging into the water.

Jeff took the Crossbuggy for a run. The large wheels gave it a smooth ride, but the long handle made running with it tricky. It’s not a jogging stroller, but Jeff loves to test products in a variety of ways. While running with it didn’t work too well, the Crossbuggy was perfect for hill climbing. Jeff found the hand brake to be helpful both uphill and downhill. Uphill to park for rests and downhill to control the buggy’s descent.


Next, we packed the Crossbuggy in the trunk and took it to the North Sea. We wanted to try it in both deep and packed sand. As expected, a fully-loaded Crossbuggy is quite hard to pull through deep sand. It did perform better then our regular Baby Jogger City Select stroller and our travel stroller, the Chicco Liteway.


Packed sand is a cinch. The wheels and luggage cart sit high enough to handle some light surf as well. If I’m bringing a stroller to the beach, this is going to be the one.


On this outing, we were also able to test the Crossbuggy going up and down stairs. The wheel base is wide enough to make stairs easy both up and down. (It is probably not a good idea to do this with your kids in the buggy, but sometimes, when we are traveling, it happens.)



We found that the storage area could comfortably hold a picnic blanket, a water bottle and a small food box. But don’t plan a three-course picnic unless you want to carry a backpack. Alternatively, the storage space held two stuffed animals with room to spare.

Yippie Yo Blackberry Picking

The boys loved that it was low to the ground meaning they can easily get in and out of the Crossbuggy on their own. This aids parents too, freeing up a precious few seconds so you can load snacks or water bottles into the rear. With the new little one in the front carrier, letting the kids get in and out without assistance is so helpful.  Turns out the low height also puts kids at exactly the right height to pick the blackberries that grow in the woods by our home. One of the aspects I love most about the Crossbuggy is the easy to use seatbelts, both simple and effective.

Here is a closeup of the seatbelt clip mechanism. It’s intuitive and has a distinctive feel, making it quite easy to buckle in low-lighting situations. One-handed operation is tough but possible, especially if you’re side-carrying an infant. But you need to have a cooperative kiddo.

Yippie Yo Clasp

Yippie Yo has made sure the Crossbuggy is safe. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Low center of gravity prevents buggy tipping even when heading uphill
  • Two 5-point safety harnesses ensure your kids stay in the buggy
  • Finger guards on the wheels prevent kids from putting their fingers in there
  • No sharp edges or pinch points
  • Meets all safety and quality standards for European push cars and prams (EN1888)

The Crossbuggy comes in a variety of configurations. There are frame, wheel and cushion color options too. (Customize yours here!) The Crossbuggy retails for £580.50, excluding shipping. This price makes the Crossbuggy a pricey transport option.


The Yippie Yo Cross Buggy will not replace your every day stroller but for those seeking a well-designed, long-lasting, off road buggy, this is your pick.


Disclaimer: We just wanted you to know that we were sent a Yippie Yo in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are our own. 


Elizabeth is a Type A, Attorney turned Stay-at-Home Mom, who moved her family across the Atlantic for an adventure. She can often be found out and about finding fun things for her littles to do. Elizabeth loves to read, craft and chat with friends. She will try just about anything and loves to share her experiences.

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