Kek Cafe, Delft

Kek Cafe, Delft

Perhaps my favorite little place in Delft is a cafe just off the main square called Kek. It is the perfect place to grab coffee, cake or lunch.


I’ve ordered nothing at Kek that was not absolutely delicious. I tend to alternate between the egg bake and the BLAT sandwich (pictured above). I recently saw the brunch plank come out, and I plan to order that on my next visit.


Kek has a smoothie and juice bar. Everything we have tried has ben wonderful. I am not even sure what is in their smoothies, because we have taken to calling them by their color! H loves the pink one with yogurt and I’m partial to the green one with yogurt. They are all spelled out on the menu or you can head up to the juice bar and watch them be made.


Kek is kid friendly. They have coloring items on the long tables and some larger play items tucked in the back section (a teepee, deer-skinned chairs and a push car). Your kids can’t be wild here, as the walls are chock full of breakable stuff, but my kids do great while I enjoy a cup of coffee.


I always bring some snacks and sometimes my phone to entertain the kids. There are a wide variety of types of chairs that the little boys love trying out.

Kek even has a changing table outside the restrooms, something that can be hard to find around here.

Kek is often crowded, particularly on weekends, but tables turn over quickly so poke in and ask for a seat. There are usually a few seats out front. There isn’t an outdoor seating section, but there is a bench and a couple of chairs,  plus a few window seats. Those fill up the fastest on nice days, so go early.

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