Best Burger & Beer In Town (Het Klooster, Delft)

One of the few advantages of being overdue (41 weeks, 5 days) was squeezing an extra date night out of the wait. My in-laws were in town, anxiously awaiting the birth of our new little guy. They generously volunteered to watch not only our two littles, but also the two littles of our friends so that we could go grab an early dinner in town. We chose Trappistenlokaal ‘t Klooster.

The four littles stayed at our house, watched movies, played “chase Opa around the house” and had breakfast for dinner featuring Opa’s famous cinnamon waffles.


Meanwhile, the four adults biked into Delft for burgers and beer. Not exactly what you think of when you think “Dutch Meal” but  this place has great food and amazing ambiance. It’s next door to a Belgian beer cafe of the same owners.


Your menu arrives pasted inside an old book. The menu is limited but there is something for everyone. We started with the sampler platter of appetizers and then all ordered one of the burger options. We also all opted to have local beef burgers for an extra 1.50 Euro surcharge.

Even better than the burgers though are the beers. The staff is knowledgeable and there are a wide range of options. Simply tell them what you are looking for and the perfect beer appears at your table.

You’re going to need a reservation though because you can count on this small place to be packed most nights. There are only a handful of tables, but upstairs, there is a room which can be reserved for a group.


It was of course raining when we went to bike home. We could see the storm blowing through just in front of us and luckily only got pummeled once we turned the corner to our house.


3 thoughts on “Best Burger & Beer In Town (Het Klooster, Delft)”

  • Love your Blog sending hugs from Peace River Canada. Ps Birdie told me about A one raisin that her and the Prince pick out on Hallowe’en! Love Dawn

  • Great blog. This was posted 5 days ago so hopefully you have a new little you are cuddling right now. My 5 were all 2 weeks late:) We spent a few months in The Hague and loved going to Delft so I am enjoying seeing your posts here. Thanks.

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