Hydaway Water Bottle // Review

Hydaway Water Bottle // Review

I’ve got a new favorite travel product for traveling with kids – The Hydaway Water Bottle.  This water bottle collapses down to almost nothing and has withstood traveling with our family for over a month now. It has been dropped, smushed, collapsed over and over and filled and refilled by the children and is still going strong.


We drink a lot of water when we travel! We always try to bring our bottles with us so we are not stuck trying to purchase water. Travel in Europe often means water isn’t served or is served in very small glasses at meals. Having our bottle with us is key to keeping the family hydrated and happy. It reduces our travel costs too. The Hydaway bottle addressed so many of our travel requirements so we were excited to test it out.


Prior to owning the Hydaway we would sometimes crush down a purchased plastic water bottle and then stuff it into a pocket. There are so many reasons we hate using plastic bottles, but it boils down to it being bad for us and bad for the environment. The Hydaway is made of food grade silicone and is BPA free.


My day-to-day water bottle is made of glass. I love using it around the house, but it is quite impractical for travel. It is heavy, large and breakable. It is impractical for the bike as it takes up too much room. It is impractical for travel as it is breakable and even empty adds too much weight to my load.


The Hydaway Water Bottle folds down flat when not in use. I can basically stash it anywhere. It’s lightweight so it goes unnoticed when I add it to an already full bag. When walking through town it fits easily into Jeff’s pocket or my purse.


Our littlest one is prone to spills at restaurants with a regular cup. With the Hydaway stored in my purse, I can easily pull it out and let him use it in place of a cup while we are on the go. It’s watertight (so far) and easy for him to drink from.


I was a bit worried with its strange shape that the Hydaway wouldn’t fit in a regular cup holder. As promised though it fits in to the cup holder in our car as well as in my stroller.


It even fit into the cup holder collapsed!


The clip handle looks almost like a soda tab, but is perfect for a carabiner or even a finger when carrying. .Sometimes I end up filling the cup holders with coffee or even my phone. The Hydaway’s tab even fit onto my large mama clip as an additional carrying option.


I also threw it into the bottom of the stroller basket to see how it would do. Other bottles have leaked, filling my basket with water and soaking everything else in there. The Hydaway bottle stayed watertight!


Did I mention it’s dishwasher safe? With three little ones I literally don’t have time to worry about hand washing any more than I have to.

Needless to say this little bottle has been making its way around town with us. We are excited to be able to offer you the chance to win your own Hydaway bottle.



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*Contest closes November 18th. I will contact the winner by e-mail. 

We just wanted you to know we received a Hydaway Bottle for free in exchange for this review. As usual, all opinions are my own. 


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