Fiesole, Italy

Fiesole, Italy

The small town of Fiesole probably won’t be on your radar. We were looking for a morning outing where we could spend two hours exploring. Fiesole, on the outskirts of Florence, was a perfect fit.

Fiesole sits at the top of a hill affording, on a clear day, amazing views. Unfortunately, our visit fell on a misty day. Instead of sweeping vistas we watched the clouds roll through town at street level. Nonetheless Fiesole charmed us.

We spent the bulk of our time in the Museum of Fiesole. The highlight of the museum is the remains of a Roman Amphitheater and Roman Baths.

The kids had a great time pretending to be putting on plays in the amphitheater. We took turns being in the play and watching it. They even managed to convince Grandma to play along as a Roman soldier.

A paved path leads you around and through the ruins. The arches that remain are some of the more impressive ruins.

As you follow the path around the ruins, the tower from the Church of Fiesole is always visible.

The museum is also worth checking out, and can be included in your admission ticket(a couple Euro upcharge). It is full of old artifacts found in Fiesole including an amazing collection of Greek pots.

We spent the remainder of our time just walking around the town. We found these great “jumping stairs” and enjoyed ourselves while Jeff picked up some takeaway lunch at “Caffe Al Number 5” (no website, located in Piazza Mino da Fiesole). On a clear day there are several hikes you can take to enjoy a stunning overlook (so we are told) of Florence.

All in all, Fiesole was a perfect way to spend a morning. The kids got some of their jitters out and we saw a small Italian town.

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