Brussels Train Hostel: A Family Friendly Option

Brussels Train Hostel: A Family Friendly Option

As you likely know by now my kids are train obsessed! When we heard there was a Train Hostel in Brussels we knew we had to check it out. Brussels is a two-hour drive for us, so a quick overnight was easy to arrange.

We easily found street parking outside the hotel. At reception they were able to offer us discounted street parking (10 Euros per day), so I’m glad we checked before we paid the meter.

The hotel is full of small train details that the kids loved. There are model trains on display everywhere. While Jeff checked in the big boys and I went exploring, looking at all the different models.

There are several room types to stay in. Initially we thought we wanted to stay in the train perched on the roof of the hotel. However, we were talked out of it when we made the booking as it only has a double bed. The rooms inside the train cars are also small, as one could expect from a train car! Since we just finished two nights on a real train in Finland, the Train Hostel suggested we might enjoy a more spacious room.

Our room was plenty spacious. It had three sets of triple bunks. The kids loved paying with all the configurations we could sleep in! (I think Jeff calculated there were literally hundreds of possible sleeping combinations.)

The room had a private bathroom, which the train cars also do not offer. The bathroom was modern and spacious. The hostel provided sheets, duvets and pillows with our rate but not towels.

We all found the beds quite cozy! The only downside was that the built in lights in each bed meant the kids had access to lights, which they turned on and off endlessly while giggling.

The hotel gets pretty loud in the evening. It didn’t bother our children at all but Jeff and I could hear all the noise out in the courtyard that comes with the younger hostel crowd staying at this place.

The next morning we headed down to the common room for breakfast. They had plenty of offerings. There is not much in the neighborhood so breakfast at the hotel is a great option before you head out for the day (cost: 8 Euros per adult, 4 Euros per child).

Bonus: the Train Hostel is literally next door to Train World, the Belgium train museum.

The train hostel is a wonderful and fun option if you’re a family visiting Brussels!

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The Train Hostel offered us a media rate in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are, of course, our own and based on our experience. 


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