Aerial Yoga in Delft: What to Expect

Aerial Yoga in Delft: What to Expect

The Womanhood Studio in Delft is an iconic location for those of us who live here. It’s a centerpiece of the mom life in Delft, offering classes for women at all stages of motherhood. I first found the studio while I was pregnant with the Little Little, in search of a prenatal massage. Turns out the studio’s owner is a neighbor, and I quickly learned about everything The Womanhood Studio has to offer.

With my littlest finally old enough to be left in the care of others for a bit, I snuck off one morning to try the studio’s newest offering: Aerial Yoga.

I’ve practiced yoga before. It’s always been one of my favorite classes, but I have not returned to practice since my Little Little was born. Although I bike every day I’ve otherwise been out of a fitness routine since his birth. I was therefore quite nervous when I parked the bike outside the studio this morning.

You come in and take your coat and shoes off. It was a bit chilly this morning so I left my socks on until we were ready to start. Or maybe I was experiencing cold feet!

Classes are small so you will get plenty of individual attention. We started by making sure the fabric was an appropriate height for me. The other students came in and took their places and our class got started.

We started by climbing into our fabric to practice our breathing. This is a wonderful way to get used to the fabric and learn to trust it. The fabric is tied in knots that tighten as weight is applied. Climbing daisy chains and carabiners are used to attach the knotted fabric to an aluminum structure. It all seems very secure.

After preparing we started moving through normal yoga poses. Each pose uses the fabric to support you in different ways, all giving your core an amazing workout. I loved the familiarity of each pose, combined with the new twist of using the fabric.

As we grew more confident with the fabric the instructor pushed us to continue to let go. Downward dog with both legs off the ground. We moved to backbends that open up your chest like nothing on the ground ever could.

Then we stood on the fabric for our balance poses. Yes. You can actually be a swinging tree. In addition to really engaging your core, you also feel really supported. Your foot gets a massage from the pressure of your weight. It’s a completely surreal feeling.

I really want to stress that I haven’t been to a yoga class in over a year! If I can go do this class,  you can too! At the end of class my body was tired but I felt strong. I can’t wait to make this practice part of my weekly routine.

If I haven’t lured you in yet let me tell you about my favorite part. Shavasana. I used to joke with my bestie in Colorado Springs that I only went to yoga for the quiet 10 min at the end, where I left everything behind and was led through a guided meditation. Yea. That is still true. I endure the exercise for those quiet moments at the end.

In aerial yoga the Shavasana are spent laying in the fabric, slightly swaying. You are completely engulfed by the fabric. It feels so cozy, but it’s open from above preventing you from feeling claustrophobic. You will feel so safe. Then the amazing instructors come around and rub your back from under you. You can’t help but walk away feeling amazing.

Class ends with a cup of tea and a bite of chocolate! I mean.. perfection right!

So.. if you’re local you should go check it out! There is a class schedule on the webpage and you can just shoot the studio a message to let them know you want to join a particular class. The studio offers multi-class passes, which she calls Royalty Cards. I promise you will be treated like royalty.

Travelers, this place is for you too! Unlike so many other classes this is a drop-in sort of place. It’s best if you shoot them an e-mail as they like to keep classes small, but you don’t have to be a regular. If you’re passing through Delft you can pop in to try a class or maintain your regular practice. All classes can be taught in English.

I honestly think the Womanhood Studio is one of Delft’s real treasures. I’m always looking forward to my next visit. I hope to see you there.

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