Dutch Photos at Something Extra in Delft

Dutch Photos at Something Extra in Delft

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Jeff and I headed into Delft for a fun, one-of-a-kind, date night.

Something Extra, a costume shop on a main road into Delft, offers a variety of “Dutch” photo options. Although we did this as a couples activity, they also do family portraits. Actually, they will do just about anything!

We biked to Something Extra in the evening after the kids were asleep for a date night. However, click around on their webpage and you’ll see that one of the options they offer is to get dressed up and take your photos out and about in Delft during the day.

The pricing can be a little confusing as there are so many options. We suggest you pop in or call ahead so you know what to expect and have time to think about all the choices. You can arrange anything from one pose taken on your own camera to a full experience complete with tea at the end.

When we arrived we hung our coats and stored our personal items in provided lockers. That way you don’t accidentally set something down and lose it amongst all the treasures in the store.

Then we got to have a look around. There are so many costume options!

I knew what I wanted to do for our photos though. There were several options for ladies in Delft Blue, but I still got to look at lots of pretty dresses.

Next, they help you get dressed. These costumes are the real deal. You have to be careful getting in and out of them so you’re helped each step of the way.

We were not very prepared for this part. It was cold out and we both had thermals on. It would have been better to wear things we could easily roll up or hide. There is a small dressing room that I used when getting my top on.

Once we were dressed we hopped in front of the black backdrop and started taking some photos. It’s important to remember that they are not professional photographers in a studio. You take the photos in the corner of the store. They crop them at the end so that the store is not in the backdrop, but honestly I think its pretty cute with the parts of the store in the photo.

We had a lot of fun jumping around and enjoying ourselves while taking the photos.

We felt so silly in the outfits that it was fun to do all sorts of silly things for the photos.

At the end of the photos you get out of your costume as carefully as you got into it. Depending on your package you’ll either get prints or all your digital files e-mailed to you.

We sat down for a bit of tea while we waited for the photos. (This is something they are happy to arrange for you but is not part of the normal package.) We loved looking at all the lovely tea cups and Delft Blue pottery they have at the store.

We were then presented our printed photo in a frame! You can purchase the frame if you want, or just take your photo home. We loved the presentation though as it made the photo look special.

We highly reccomend a visit to Something Extra in Delft. It was a fun way to celebrate our time in the Netherlands. Again, we recommend calling ahead or stopping in so you understand the pricing and package options. This is a wonderful activity for a date night, family outing or party.

If you are looking for other fun photo sessions you can read about our time at Photo de Boer in Volendam costumes or check out the retro pin-up photos from Sugarcoated.

Thanks to Something Extra for adding a few “extras” to our visit. As always all options are our own.

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