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Christmas Crafts

When we got ready to move we knew Dutch houses weren’t exactly known for their storage so we skimped on packing Christmas decorations. I condensed down to one box that would move with us. When we unpacked the one box my eldest proclaimed the house lacked  Christmas spirit. So we did some crafting. We made […]

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Cafe du Midi

Cafe du Midi is our absolute favorite find here in Delft. This unassuming little cafe lies on the outskirts of Delft. You have to pass through Delftse Hout (the woods) to reach it. We discovered Cafe du Midi at the fall farm festival. Jeff and H stopped by to grab a snack while I biked up […]

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Fall Craft Time

Things are finally starting to normalize around here. We have (sort of) settled into a nice schedule including getting back into doing some tot school fall craft activities with the boys. We had a great time apple picking and came home with a ton of apples. Jeff would say it was closer to 20 kilos. […]

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