By The Numbers

Here is a breakdown of what we are up to, by the numbers.

0:  Times I’ve Fallen into a Canal

0: States in the U.S. T has visited

1: Times one of the children has fallen into the canal (H biked right into our neighborhood canal)

1: Baby born in the Netherlands

1:  Items Lost in a Canal (Stroller cup holder in Copenhagen)

3: Liters of milk we pick up at the farm each week

4: Times I’ve broken my phone

3: Continents H & O Have Set Foot On (Africa, Europe, North America)

4:  Emergency Medical Visits

4:  Times I’ve Cried

5: Members in Our Family

5: Continents Jeff & I have visited together (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America)

9:  Bikes in the Fleet (Bakfiets, Omafiets, 2 Mamafiets,  kids push bikes, a kids pedal bike w/ training wheels, 2 kids pedal bike w/out training wheels & a Strider)

10: Number of eggs in a carton here

16: Visitors from the U.S.

17: Vehicles in the transportation fleet (9 bikes, 1 wagon, 3 travel strollers, 2 real strollers, 1 yip-yo stroller & 1 car)

17: Places we have mailed postcards from. (See pictures here.)

16: States in the US O has visited

20: Grams of coffee I buy at the market every-other week20: Countries We Have Visited as a Family (UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Vatican City, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovakia)

25: States in the US H has visited

50: States in the US Jeff has visited

11,706:  lbs of “things” we sent over to the Netherlands

21,368: Most steps taken in a day


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