Hello! I’m Elizabeth.

I’m the co-host of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad are Fighting.  Each week we give parenting advice and share our own parenting adventures. Episodes air twice a week. If you have a question or topic for the pod, please email us: momanddad@slate.com.

In addition, I have the pleasure of hosting a video series called “Life Without Walls” for Air Force Outdoor Recreation, where I showcase the incredible adventures of Air Force and Space Force members and their families, both at home and abroad.

About Me

We are currently living in Tokyo, Japan, but our journey goes beyond borders. I believe that the best way to teach kids is to show them the world, through travel and books. As a family, we love to travel, which opens new doors in terms of places we visit. We feel more like locals, exploring parks, picking up picnics, and checking out local grocery stores. Our adventures span across the globe, from the heart of Tokyo to the farthest corners of the world.

As a family, we have an insatiable passion for travel. Our wanderlust takes us near and far, from exploring the enchanting parks in our local Tokyo neighborhood to embarking on epic overseas adventures. Wherever we go, we immerse ourselves in the local culture, living like true residents (or as close as we can get!)

So far, we’ve ventured through more than 30 countries, often with our little ones in tow. Amidst the laughter, occasional tears, and the odd “Are we there yet?” moments, we’ve found that travel enriches our lives in ways we never imagined.

My journey began with a Juris Doctorate from Emory Law and took me on diverse paths, from NASA and the FAA to a media consulting firm in Washington D.C. Now, as a U.S. Air Force officer’s spouse, we’ve been fortunate to call several states and even The Netherlands and Japan home, including Atlanta, GA, Washington, D.C., Edwards, CA, the Florida Panhandle, South Bend, IN, Fort Worth, TX, and Colorado Springs, CO.

This blog was born from our desire to inspire and guide fellow travelers. It’s not just a way to keep our loved ones informed about our global adventures; it’s also a platform to share the incredible moments and unexpected encounters that shape our journey. From the amusing anecdotes to the invaluable tips, we aim to capture it all and encourage others to set off on their own quests.

Think of us as those friends who are always ready with travel advice – we’re here to share what worked, what didn’t, and everything in between. Feel free to reach out; we’re always thrilled to help fellow adventurers plan their own remarkable escapades.

Curious about my work, podcasts, and articles? Discover more on my Contributions Page and dive deeper into my experiences and insights. We are those friends who love sharing what worked on our trip and what didn’t, and I invite you to join our journey.

Feel free to keep in touch and explore the world with us.

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17 thoughts on “Hello!”

  • Lovely to discover your blog! Via your Countrykids comment on my blog. I live in Belgium near Bruges (incl. Lux airbnb) and will def read some of your posts about Holland! Already saw your kek post and eager to attempt a city trip, judst by seeing the food!

    • Hi Niki. Holland is so lovely, we’ve enjoyed our visits so much. We have a few trips planned to Belgium in the coming months. I’ll have to come to you for advice.

  • Love your blog – we have similar stories I moved from Canada to follow my husband for work in the Netherlands we stayed 6 years and it was amazing!!! We still have our house there and dream of finding are way back there one day!

  • Hi ! So glad I found your blog. I am also an attorney as well from the US and recently moved to Amsterdam with my husband and 2 girls! We are planning to go to Dubrovnik at the end of the week so reading your blog helps provide insight! Thanks

    • Hi Tiffany! It’s always nice to hear that my posts are helpful. I hope you enjoy Dubrovnik. I hope you are enjoying Amsterdam. I’m actually headed there for an overnight very soon!

  • Hello! I am so thrilled to have found your blog! We are currently living in Spain for a couple of years with our three little ones of similar ages. We are down to our last year or so in Europe. I’m curious, which trips would you not miss out on? Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica! Its so hard to narrow down…. but I’d say Scotland, driving around France in the RV and Switzerland in the Summer have topped our list of great trips. It is so hard though because there are so many little city trips that are not my favorite overall but we got to see monuments or art that I wanted to see in person, so don’t discount those either! I’d love to hear where you have been that has topped your list.

      • Thank you, Elizabeth! Scotland is high on our list, so good to hear. We’ve loved all of our detours into Portugal. London was a hit with our whole crowd, and so were the Christmas markets. I’ll keep reading your blog for ideas!

  • Hi.

    A friend of yours recommended your blog in one of the FB community focus on travelling here in Europe. We are planning to go to Netherlands and we’d like to see the cheese market. It looks like many favors the cheese market in Gouda – however our travel date will not be in any Thursday. I would prefer to stay in the South and it seems my only option now is Woerden? Am I correct?

    I’d appreciate if you could advise a town where we could find the good cheese market.

    Thank you so much.

    • I would recommend looking for a local market and finding the local cheese seller there. Ask them to taste some of the local cheeses, they are always more then happy to do this. This is the best way to really taste the cheese. Your options for a traditional market where they dress up and parade around with the cheese are Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam and Hoorn. Unfortunately, none of these are in the south. All of these only operate only one day a week so you will be limited by your visit date.

  • Hello, I write for a travel publication and was hoping to pick your brain (as well as anyone else’s you know) about the ups and downs of moving to a new country for an upcoming article that I’m working on.

    Please email me if you are interested! I would love to chat soon.


  • Hi Elizabeth
    I am a mom of four (6, 4, 2 and 2) in NYC and came across your blog through Slate’s Mom and Dad are Fighting. My six year old daughter’s school has been closed since the beginning of March. I anticipate my 4 year old son’s school to close any minute. I work full time but think I might have to take extended time off/ work from home in the near future. I would love some help and guidance of how to structure a day with two children of different ages at home. My daughter has a lot of online learning activities. I am not sure what my son’s school will do. I’m looking for strategies to keep the home relatively peaceful and to include some learning and fun activities for both.

    • Hello! I just published something a bit about this that is hopefully helpful. Also, I’m going to be back on MADAF this week to talk about just this. I do think it is good to brace yourself because having kids at home full time and trying to work full time is super hard. Work and school expectations will need to be adjusted. I think its best to look at what you have to accomplish each day and build a schedule around that. It is necessary to relax some standards via school and electronics to get the work done for both you and your child. That being said, its so much easier to just get your one kid to accomplish what needs to be learned. Its going to take a few weeks to fall into a routine so give yourself some grace! Please let me know how i can help!

    • Hi Nomi! Thanks so much for coming by! So… I’m back on the podcast this week talking all about just that. The two year olds are just hard because they are like destructive babies! haha. You have to just find a place where they can make a mess and play and work when they are (hopefully) napping. The 6 and 4 year old should be able to work on some sort of schedule. You can look into like a block schedule with rotations – if you have a smart device, consider putting the schedule in there so that it calls out when to move to the next activity or however you want to handle it. Its such a hard time though so just do what is necessary to stay sane!

  • I’m perusing your blog and just love it! I actually just got off the phone with your husband about doing the same thing you guys did (PhD program). We have 5 little girls (ages 8,6,4,2 and 6 months) and are worried about A. culture/language barriers/hostility to Americans and B. schooling 1. overseas and 2. during a pandemic. Otherwise it looks like an incredible opportunity! My wife would love to hear about what it was like being at home with the kids and how much support you guys had or if you were overstressed all the time? Thanks! – Jon

  • I really get inspired by travel series and blogs. Such an amazing destinations for expatriates and informative guides. Thank you.

  • Hello, Elizabeth. That’s an awesome sharing and wonderful blog. Keep in touch and continue sharing. Thank you.

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