A Haircut in Paris

A Haircut in Paris

I can’t imagine a better gift! I love getting my hair cut. I have crazy thick, wavy hair. Any chance I get to go get my hair done is a total treat. I will move mountains for a great blowout!

As a Christmas Surprise Jeff booked a haircut at David Mallett in Pairs for our January visit. He took the boys to the Natural History Museum and I spent the morning getting my hair (and dare I say soul) pampered.

Jeff did his research. (and so did I) David Mallet is listed in the Forbes Travel Guide as one of the best hair salons in Paris! This article from Into the Gloss  got me pumped about visiting the salon, in an old Paris apartment decorated from European flea markets and taxidermy animals.

David Mallett Entrance

I was so excited I almost couldn’t find my way into the apartment. Luckily for me, a gentleman who worked at David Mallet was also arriving to work. He let me in and showed me up the stairs to the studio.

I felt pampered from the moment I walked in. The staff got me seated with an espresso. I had a wonderful consult discussing color and cut. In the end we decided that going a shade or two darker would be a nice change that would fit the Dutch weather. The haircut though would remain largely the same with some weight removed with more face framing.

I was whisked off to get my hair washed in a room with a large stuffed tiger. When I returned to the chair a fresh cappuccino was waiting. (This was also the only point I was brave enough to whip out my phone and take a picture!)

Waiting for a Wash with the Ostrich

Alain did my cut. He is the manager of the salon and a true professional.  He worked quickly and mostly quietly, commenting a few times on the thickness of my hair.

Then it was off to hang out with Anthony who would do my color. I was greeted at his station with a bottle of sparkling water and a glass. Anthony was personable and chatty. He wore a long skirt and a trendy t-shirt. As he did my roots, we chatted about traveling around Europe and about eating oysters. Anthony is currently obsessed with oysters.

I was then sent to the sinks where I sat in a row of all ladies, heads all in a basin. I wish I spoke French so I could eavesdrop on some of the conversations. But instead I watched the ladies finish work, answer texts and chat with their stylists, all while having my head rubbed, colored and washed.

Then I was moved to the blow dry room, filled with stuffed birds. Again a fresh sparkling water and glass were waiting for me. The guy blow-drying my hair was wonderful and chatty. We discussed European schooling. He attended a school in Switzerland similar to what H will be attending in April.

With the blow dry nearly done both Alain and Anthony came to check on me. Alain did a little touch up work, I was brought my coat, given kisses all around and sent on my way.New Hair


This was truly one of those life experiences I love when traveling. It was so very Paris.

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