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Typhoon Lagoon in January

Completely unplanned, we found ourselves at a Disney water park in January and it was amazing! What the park lacked in warmth it made up for in zero wait for every ride at the park. I actually may never go to a water park in the summer again…ok that is not true, but the off-season […]

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Swim with Manatees in the Crystal River

If you are in Central Florida in winter then your plans should include seeing manatees. It is one of our favorite Florida activities, particularly as a way to break up the drive back to the panhandle. This time we rented kayaks and swimming gear from Paddles Outdoor Rental. They were so flexible and great to […]

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Bamahenge & Dinosaurs in the Woods // Alabama

The moment I found out there was a full scale, although not complete, fiberglass replica of Stonehenge (named Bamahenge) less than an hour away from our house I made plans to visit. Jeff and I have been to the real Stonehenge in the U.K. but never got around to taking the boys. They were familiar […]

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Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog, Alabama // Photos

The Gulf Coast is the natural home of many of the world’s carnivorous plants. These Gulf Coast Pitcher Plant bogs are unique habitats that exist nowhere else on earth. Pitcher plants bloom in the spring, but even a fall visit or winter visit to the Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog can be spectacular. Our visit […]

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Travel Activity Books Your Littles Will Love

The hardest part of prepping for any trip is making sure I have plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. I like to be prepped not only for the ride there (plane, train, car) but I also like to have options for when Jeff and I want some down time, be it at a […]

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