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Typhoon Lagoon in January

Completely unplanned, we found ourselves at a Disney water park in January and it was amazing! What the park lacked in warmth it made up for in zero wait for every ride at the park. I actually may never go to a water park in the summer again…ok that is not true, but the off-season […]

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Best Pool Toys for Kids

This post contains affiliate links. Turns out we spend a lot of time here in Florida in the water. I’m always on the lookout for the best toys to keep the kids playing and not hanging onto me. With swim time built into almost every day since April, I’ve honed in on the best pool […]

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The Dali Museum, Tampa Florida

This post contains affiliate links. The Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa, Florida was incredibly family friendly and packed full of amazing art in perfectly curated exhibits. I was amazed how many people commented on my Instagram photos with exhibitions they had seen through the years at the Dali museum. If you are in Tampa, FL […]

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Date Night at Home

Date Night in Box Brought the Date Night to us.  We’ve been absolutely crazy setting up house in Florida! There is quite a bit of work to be done here and we are constantly busy with the kids. So, the idea of a date night being sent to our door was terribly appealing.  The November […]

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German Waterfall Hike

Leaving Strasbourg and heading to Stuttgart, friends recommended stopping at a lovely German waterfall hike right along our route. (Last year these same friends pointed us to the gnome hike in Switzerland, so we were eager to try another of their recommendations.) Predictably, the Gaisholl Wasserfalle turned out to be a perfect stop for the […]

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