Make It Yours // Book Review

Make It Yours // Book Review

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Since moving to the Netherlands and leaving most of my craft gear behind, oh and adding another little one to the mix, I’ve been much less crafty than normal. Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make it Yours grabbed my attention with the idea of making your own Delft blue pottery!

The book is full of fun crafts to fill your home with lovely patterns and textures. I picked out a few crafts to try. Overall I found the instructions to be well written and easy to follow. All my projects turned out similar to those pictured. I’ve had plenty of Pinterest fails in my crafting days, so I was happy to have three lovely projects as a result of this book.

I started with a project that had a high likelihood of success. The laundry bag decorated with stencils and fabric markers. I copied the stencil page at home using my printer. The book advised to increase the size of the stencils but I rather liked the smaller look, so stuck with the small ones.

Following the instructions in the book, I traced the stencils and then added my own details. The Creative Joy fabric markers were perfect for this. They feature both a thick and thin tip, which provided lots of options for filling in the designs.

I loved adding little details to each of the stencils. I was happy to have some inspiration though from the drawings in the book.  Everything Christine does is simple enough to replicate, so you end up with a project you really love.


Make it Yours also features some modern silk painting, which is something I wanted to try my hands at. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the type of scarf pictured in the book and ended up with something longer and more transparent. (I’m going to continue my search to try this one again.) The directions were easy enough to follow and the colors were vibrant, even on the sheer scarf.

I was most excited though to try the indigo dying project. I read through this section of the book several times. Everything you need to do is laid out in the book making it easy to accomplish beautiful patterns.

I tried every fold listed in the book, plus a few extras that I found online.

The prints all turned out better then I could have ever hoped.

I had rigged up just enough drying space in my yard for everything.

It was clear my dye was running out as the last fabrics I dyed stopped getting that very dark blue. I didn’t want to have to keep this stuff around, although the book does tell you how to preserve the dye.

I just can’t get over how each fold produces these lovely patterns.

These were the Big and Middle Little’s favorite. They thought they looked like sea creatures.

In conclusion, Make it Yours is a lovely book that is sure to inspire creativity. The projects are of a higher level then you would find online and produce pieces that you can actually use in your home.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.  This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase something from one of the links I receive a small payment.  All opinions are my own.

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