Hotel & Hostel Montarina in Lugano, Switzerland // Hotel Review

Hotel & Hostel Montarina in Lugano, Switzerland // Hotel Review

If you’re looking for the perfect family hotel in Lugano, Switzerland we’ve found it. Hotel & Hostel Montarina is full of charm and perfect for a family stay.

If you’re not careful you can walk right by the hotel. It is located directly behind the train station. Its place on the hill gives it a ton of space and amazing views.

The Montarina has both normal hotel rooms and hostel rooms. The traditional hotel rooms were all booked by the time I had figured out this leg of the trip. but they still had some family hostel rooms available. (E-mail the hotel for the best arrangements to fit your family. The staff was so helpful!)

The room could not have been more perfect for us. We had five beds in a row on the floor. The room had AC, making it perfectly cool for sleeping. There was a sink in the room, with toilets and showers down the hall. Our whole floor was families!

What makes the Montarina really shine though are the facilities available to all guests. The pool is stunning. The sun was hot and the pool was so inviting. There was plenty of poolside seating and even a small bar. The views from here are stunning.

There is also a small play structure near the pool. Perfect for getting some energy out while we spent time getting our bearings and coming up with a plan for our short time in Lugano.

I had pre-arranged dinner at the hotel. They had a high chair ready for us. We are earlier than most of their other guests but it was perfect for us. The waitstaff doted on the boys. The menu is limited, but everything is fresh and made to order. The meal was delicious! Jeff had an octopus risotto and I had the mixed grill. Having some space for the kids to run around was also nice, after many meals where they needed to stay seated and on their best behavior. The inside space is full of taxidermy animals, which our kids also quiet enjoyed.

The grounds really feel like a whole different world. We felt relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle.

I got the boys settled down to sleep while Jeff went out for a run and to do some reading. The boys loved the big bed and fell right to sleep. It was one of the best sleeps we had on the trip.

The bigs had breakfast at the hotel with Jeff while I slept in with the little one. Then we got the room packed up. Hostel rooms require you to return their sheets and towels to the front desk, easy enough. The front desk was also happy to store our luggage while we explored the city for the day.

We could have spent a few days in Lugano and this would have been a perfect hotel location. The weather was perfect for the pool and having activities at the hotel is always a plus.

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