Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Hotel Bellora is the perfect hotel in Gothenburg for a weekend away. 

While I love traveling with the kids, it is nice to get away and not have to worry about the plethora of needs that come with bringing the kids along. Thanks to my husband I was able to slip away to explore Gothenburg with a girlfriend for a long weekend. We wanted a relaxed weekend full of strolling, shopping and sightseeing. A key to a great weekend away though is a good hotel. We found everything (and more) at Hotel Bellora

Hotel Bellora is centrally located on one of Gothenburg’s trendiest streets. We easily arrived from the airport by public transit and only needed to walk a few blocks to the hotel. We were walking distance from nearly everything, making Hotel Bellora a perfect spot for our girls weekend.

The hotel is beautifully decorated. We drank in the floral wallpapers and modern takes on vintage looks. 

We stopped on each floor just to check them out and loved the variety of wallpapers. The florals though were some of our favorite. 

The rooms are small by American standards, but well appointed. We even fit an ironing board in the room! Gothenburg, like Sweden in general, is quite expensive. We had searched hotels for a while before our trip, and knew we wouldn’t be getting much real-estate no matter where we stayed.

The rooms all have excellent wifi, something I really appreciate when traveling. We were able to pop into the room throughout our stay for a little break and to recharge. 

We were greeted in our room by some much needed welcome lemonades. The weather in Gothenburg has been particularly warm this year and our trudge to the hotel made us a bit sweaty. We relaxed, enjoyed our drinks and the room. 

Although the streets were quiet when we arrived, by evening they were absolutely packed. Hotel Bellora has done a nice job of making sure you’re not kept awake by all the noise, but if you’re a light sleeper you should ask to face away from the street.

Hotel Bellora also has a popular restaurant. They were happy to make sure we had a dinner reservation for our first night there when we checked in. Breakfast is also included in your stay so we happily ate at the hotel quite a bit.

We started with some refreshing drinks to beat the heat while we waited for our dinner table. We really wanted to sit out front on the patio, so we bided our time at the bar waiting for the perfect table. 

We also checked out the rooftop bar. It was a bit trendy for us. We were craving a bit more of a calm and intimate experience.

Breakfast was a perfectly appointed buffet. You will find everything you could ever want to start off your day. We loved the look and feel of everything. 

You’ll want some tea out of this lovely kettle.

Everything set out is a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. 

I can’t recommend the Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg enough. We felt pampered from start to finish. We were sad to bid this place goodbye! 

Special thanks to my bestie, Larissa, who shared some of her photos with me for this post. You can check out her amazing photography on Instagram. Thanks to the Hotel Bellora which offered us a media rate for our visit.  As always though, all opinions are our own. 

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