Donuts in Paradise // Navarre, FL

Donuts in Paradise // Navarre, FL

A few weeks ago some new friends showed up at our door with a box of donuts from Donuts in Paradise. It was a wonderful surprise and before we knew it the box was gone – gobbled up by the six kids and four adults. I made sure to pull the business card off the top of the box, so we could go check this place out for ourselves. (It’s important to know where all the local good food is!)

On Saturday, after Trash Bash, we popped over to Donuts in Paradise, a small donut truck parked across from the Navarre Visitors Center. Don’t let the picture fool you, this place was hopping. We were just the only ones who stayed to enjoy our donuts there. Nearly everyone else was ordering a dozen donuts to take with them.

We each ordered a donut and Jeff asked the owner everything you could ever want to know about his business. Here is the run down:

  • All the donuts are made fresh in the truck.
  • They only make round cake doughnuts. There is no space for proofing yeast donuts and they have a mold only for the round unfilled doughnuts. e.g. No jelly-filled donuts.
  • They open at 7am on weekends and stay open till noon or until they run out (which they frequently do!)
  • Each donut is $1.25 or $12 for a dozen

The five of us unanimously agree that these donuts are tasty! We immediately wished we had ordered a dozen instead of one each. (Instead of getting more though we just vowed to return again soon.)

If you are in Navarre and looking for good donuts, pop by Donuts in Paradise.

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