5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

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I have a love-hate relationship with picking our homeschool curriculum. I LOVE looking at all the options and the endless possibilities. I hate having to narrow it down into a manageable curriculum. I always want to do all the things. I’ve done this long enough now to know that our curriculum choices are just a starting point. We are going to make a ton of changes as the year progresses. (Last year I had everything set up for one of the kids and then he was accepted into School in the Woods, so off he went to public school for an amazing year!) I’m sharing what we are using because everyone always asks. I’m hoping that it can be a jumping-off point for finding what fits your family.

Here is what we are using for 5th grade in 2022-2023

5th Grade

Morning Basket: Daily Word Ladders; Shakespear for Every Day of the Year; Sing A Song of Seasons: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year; Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Day by Day

I use a large hardcover sketchbook (ours is from Mando Llama at Target) to reflect on our listening or morning reading. They can draw, write, or do copy work based on what we picked out of the morning basket to start the day.

Language Arts: Blossom and Root Language Arts Grade 5

We love Blossom and Root! The curriculum offers a ton of options to reach every type of learner which gives it tons of flexibility. The book list is modern and diverse. I also really appreciate that for 5th grade we are starting to work toward the work being self-directed, which is a skill I really love for my older homeschooler.

Writing: Blossom and Root Super Secret Writing Notebook & Don’t Forget to Write

Math: Dimensions from Singapore Math & Prodigy Education

Science: Blossom and Root Science Oceanography & Astronomy & Mel Science Chemistry Box

Again, I’m a huge fan of Blossom and Root! The Science Units are easily used for multiple grade levels at the same time. The curriculum contains lots of options, meaning that while this is an off the shelf curriculum there is plenty of built-in flexibility.

The Mel Science Chemistry Box is just a ton of fun and contains things that would be difficult for me to source myself. We are currently learning about different elements by experimenting with each of them one month at a time.

Art: Blossom and Root Nine Profiles in Art Volume 1 & Let’s Make Art Kids Watercolor Boxes

Blossom & Root’s profiles in art have artist live and technique studies alongside fun projects. I combine this with the Let’s Make Art Kids Watercolor Box a no-prep art box where lessons are pre-recorded online and all the supplies are sent right to the house. This works as a nice combo where sometimes I can sit back and just enjoy painting with them and other times I’m teaching about the artist and leading the projects.

Typing: Keyboarding without Tears

Typing is something I’m really trying to ramp up and stay consistent with because it is something I saw hold the Big Little back last year. He has gotten so much better just doing one Keyboarding without Tears most days. We use this printable monthly habit tracker from Etsy to keep track of tying progress.

Foreign Language: TalkBox.Mom

We are kicking off using TalkBox.Mom after a rough start last year. I never got good footing with the box and so let it drop off. I’ve watched all the videos now and I’m ready to restart. The box comes with all the activities and cards you need to learn a new language with your kids.

If you want more homeschool ideas you can follow me on Instagram. I’m always giving little snapshots of what we are up to and how we are learning. I would also love to know what is working for you!

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