Roar into Adventure: Unleash the Jurassic Fun in Atlanta!

Roar into Adventure: Unleash the Jurassic Fun in Atlanta!

Calling all adventure-seeking families! Get ready to embark on a prehistoric journey like no other at the Jurassic World Exhibition in Atlanta, GA. This thrilling and immersive experience is perfect for dinosaur-loving kids that are willing to suspend reality and ask “What if Jurassic Park was Real.”

Located in the heart of Atlanta, this unique exhibition is a fun stop for anyone visiting Atlanta with kids. Step into the world of dinosaurs and witness these magnificent creatures come to life through state-of-the-art animatronics, interactive displays, and awe-inspiring exhibits.

While some may argue that these immersive experiences can be considered “touristy,” there’s no denying the sheer joy and entertainment they bring. So buckle up, because we’re about to explore why these touristy yet undeniably fun experiences are a must for any adventure-seeking family.

At Jurassic World: The Experience, not only will you have the opportunity to marvel at life-sized replicas of your favorite dinosaurs, but you’ll also get a chance to learn about their habitats, and behaviors, and even “meet” a few baby dinosaurs. From digging for fossils to experiencing virtual reality adventures, there’s something for every young adventurer at Jurassic World.

Make the most out of your visit by planning ahead. Check out the exhibition’s website for ticket information, opening hours, and any special events or promotions happening during your visit. (The experience is sure to come to other cities as well.)

Here are a few tips and tricks we learned:

  • You’ll want your phone fully charged so you can take all the photos. (The only rule is no flash!)
  • There are no bathrooms once you are in the exhibition so make sure kids go before you enter.
  • Your visit starts with a movie on the “boat” and the best view of Jurassic Park is right when the doors on the right side of the boat first open upon “docking.”
  • The first few rooms are self-paced. Once you reach the velociraptors you are stuck with the group as you travel through several rooms with dinosaur “shows.” You cannot go back or experience something a second time.
  • The last dinosaur is really really lifelike. It scared my Little Little (6) just a tiny bit.
  • We spent about one hour total in the exhibition. The Littles read most of the signs and did all the activities and met all the baby dinosaurs.

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