New York City Travel Apps

New York City Travel Apps


One of the things I do before a big trip is load up the iPhone with specialty Apps.

Here is what I’ve loaded for NYC.

Embark NYC. I love using public transit, but I’m intimidated by the NYC system. Embark Apps simplify the process and do not require internet or cell service to work.

Real Pizza of New York City. The boys love pizza. INYC with toddlers will not be filled with swanky bars and stylish restaurants. This app claims to list the local places, not the tourist traps. If any of you live in NYC, I would love to know if that is true. In the meantime, I’m willing to give it a try. This app helps you find food trucks in NYC. With little ones in tow food trucks are always a good option. We often don’t know when the kids will get hungry so knowing where the food trucks are increases our flexibility.

Central Park. My itinerary has us spending quite a bit of time in Central Park. The interactive map will keep us from getting lost as we hit the highlights of this sprawling park. The app also has information on historic spots in the park, the statues and fountains and a current event list.

Urban Wanderer provides audio tours on your phone. There are a wide variety of tours. You’re in control of the pace and order.

Explorer is the app for the American Museum of Natural History. You can get all the information on the exhibit signs right on your phone. The app also helps you find the nearest restroom. These are necessities when you’ve got toddlers in the museum.

SitorSquat. This is one of my go to apps now that I have a potty trained toddler. This app helps you find clean restrooms no matter where you are. I find it particularly useful in cities.

Uber. I usually do not list Uber because I do not want to lug our car seats around more than I already have to. In NYC UberFamily arrives with car seats in the car! We use public transportation as much as we can, but UberFamily makes a great backup plan.

Tripit. When we are on a big trip, like this one, with several itineraries at play Tripit is the perfect way to keep them all organized. Tripit also allows you to take your itinerary off-line so it will be available at any point in your trip so long as you have your phone with you.

There are so many other great apps depending on what you have planed. I would love to hear about other travel apps you love either in general, for NYC or your city.

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