Books In My Bag: Transatlantic Crossing

Books In My Bag: Transatlantic Crossing

That’s right! I’m currently under the illusion that I will be doing some reading on my upcoming Transatlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2.

Yes. We are bringing the littles.

I’m counting on some long naps, early nights, well timed Auntie time and the success of the on board British Nannies. So I’ve just loaded up the Kindle with some easy, but hopefully fun reads, a few travel guides and one audio book.

I thought I would share my list.

I just love listening to Autobiographies read by their Author.  I picked this one up on Audio Book.   I started it at Amelia Island.  It got off to a slow start, but it has picked up quite a bit by Chapter 2.

I’ve also been loving city guides written by Bloggers I read. I have two of those ready for this trip.  It will be a good change of pace.

The guide to Delft is written by Megan, over at Unquiet Time. She has recently moved back to the states after being in Delft for four years. Her blog let me view one encapsulated Expat Adventure. I’m excited to let her be my guide to my new home.

Amanda is a new “friend’ who has entertained several e-mails from me about planning a trip to Merrakech. She blogs over at MarocMama and is a wealth of knowledge. I figured before I bothered her anymore I should check out her book.

Disclosure: I’ve recommended a few products from affiliated vendors, so when you purchase something from them I receive a small commission. 

3 thoughts on “Books In My Bag: Transatlantic Crossing”

  • Oh yes, no matter how fabulous the destinations, or how busy the travel schedule, bringing along a few good reads is a must! My Kindle is my most treasured travel companion 😉

    Have a fantastic time on your trip, and a smooth move to Delft!

  • I love that you found my blog and book! I’m vicariously very excited for your journey. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help! Bon voyage 🙂

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