The Forest Feast For Kids // Book Review

The Forest Feast for Kids is a delightful kids cookbook that is a collection of  food photography and cooking. This is the first children’s book from popular food blogger Erin Gleeson. The book is stunning and makes you want to make the food!

Forest Feast Meal Planning

We eat a vegetarian meal several times each week and this book is full of easy options. As soon as the book arrived I sat down to plan our week’s meals and wanted to make almost everything in the book. Luckily, we got this book in late summer, when the local markets are full of fun farm ingredients like colorful carrots, ripe avocados, juicy tomatoes and crisp watermelon.

Forest Feast Kids Tomato

The recipes are not at all complex, which is why it’s a beautiful cookbook for kids. We made these colorful tomato mozzarella bites for a neighborhood potluck. We already had the ingredients in our garden and fridge. Little O helped pick the tomatoes while H was able to help put the dish together.

Forest Feast Kids Watermellon

The recipes are simple and designed for kids to be able to follow them largely on their own. Smoothies are a favorite morning treat in this house. H loved being able to pick out the recipe he wanted to make and gave it a try on his own.

Forest Feast Kids Smoothie

I think we’ve tried just about every smoothie recipe in the book. Each came out quite well. We found that smoothies are a great way to introduce new flavors to kids. A smoothie removes the texture element from a new food, so eating something via smoothie introduces the food in a smart way. Plus, H just loves to plop foods into the blender so he can watch them transform into a velvety goodness.

Forest Feeast Kids Green

All in all this book is incredibly simple. (I can’t wait to check out Gleeson’s other books with more complicated dishes aimed at adult cooks.) There are plenty of items in this book you will think “why do I need a recipe for this?” It’s a kids cookbook though and it has enchanted our children. We want them to love cooking, love knowing where what they put in their bodies comes from and want to try new things. This cookbook encourages all of that.

Further, even though we are living abroad we are able to find all the ingredients! Almost everything in every recipe can be found at our weekly farmers market. Amazing! We are used to converting units of measure by now, so it wasn’t hard at all to adapt to this cookbook while in Europe.

It’s one of the few kids cookbooks that won’t make you cringe when your kid pulls it off the shelf and asks to make something. (I’ve also seen this and the other Forest Feast cookbooks in the bookstore in Dutch!)

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