Instagram Travel Thursday: The Highline

The full rundown of our NYC trip is coming soon! I’m hopefully blogging it on the boat as you read this. In the meantime here is a short snippet of our favorite family activity.  

One of the highlights of our trip to NYC was walking The Highline. The Highline is an almost 2 mile elevated park and walkway, built on a once dilapidated elevated rail line.

Now its bustling with activity! We walked from Times Square to the start of the Highline and then walked it to its terminus at the Whitney Art Museum.

This was a perfect outing with the kids. They were able to walk alongside us when they wanted and easily ride in the stroller when they were tired. There were plenty of diversions. An exposed beam playground was fun for the whole family, and we beat the heat in a small fountain of inch deep running water. The people watching and sight seeing made this an NYC must do.

I think the best way to showcase the beauty of the Highline is through the Instagram photos my sister and I took during our walk as part of #igTravelThursday. I hope you enjoy!


#highline #nofilter @highlinenyc #NYC #walkinthepark #summerfun #travelwithkids

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@highlineNYC #NYC #walkinthepark #summerfun #travelwithkids #highline

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Playing along @highlineNYC #NYC

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#highline #NYC #walkinthepark #travelwithkids #seetheworld #trees

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