De Pannenkoekenboot

De Pannenkoekenboot

One rainy Sunday we boarded the pancake boat for a cruise departing out of Rotterdam. This is a perfect activity for a family to enjoy together.

Pancake Boat Doc in Rotterdam

The boat leaves from the dock just beside the Euromast tower. There is plenty of metered street parking and a paid parking lot attached to the docks.

We boarded the boat and were assigned to a table. They immediately started taking drink orders moving clockwise around the boat. Drinks are not included in your ticket price, as seems to be the custom here.

Hot Chocolate from the Pancake Cruise

The boys and I ordered Hot Chocolate, which was delicious and warmed us quite a bit on the cold rainy day. Jeff got some sparkling water.

Port of Rotterdam Tour

Once the boat was underway through the Rotterdam shipping port, they opened up a cabinet to reveal piles of pancakes. Pancakes are all-you-can-eat and come in apple, bacon and plain. We tried all the varieties. There is also a large assortment of toppings – savory and sweet. H smothered his with sprinkles while little O preferred the cheese assortment over pancakes.

I'll have all the sugar

After everyone was enjoying their first round of pancakes the staff open up a hatch under the stairs to reveal a slide into a ginormous ball pit. The boys could have happily played here for hours. H would play some and return for more food and then play some more and return for more food.

Pancake Cruise Ball Pit

We were on a special Sinterklaas cruise, so the boat returned to dock after its loop of the harbor. They shut down the pancake bar and Sinterklaas and Pete joined the cruise.

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam from Pancake Cruise

As the boat sailed through Rotterdam the kids were entertained with Pete’s antics and stories and songs with Sinterklaas. As the boat docked again each child received a gift.

Sinterklauss on Pancake Boat

All in all this was a wonderful family event. On a normal cruise the kids would likely be entertained by the food and ball pit for your two-hour ride allowing the adults to enjoy the sights.

There are several different kinds of cruises, which involve different meal types in addition to the pancakes so make sure you check that out before deciding what is best for you.

The boat has all indoor seating but some outdoor deck space upstairs. It was much too cold and wet to head outside on our boat. There are of course bathrooms on board as well.

Trip on the Rotterdam Pancake Boat

Advanced reservations are recommended.

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