Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain

Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain

This walk-able roller coaster is another stop from my Pinterest travel board. I was positively giddy when I sat down to plan the Germany Christmas Market Trip and realized it would take us right past the Tiger & Turtle in Duisburg, Germany.

The public art sculpture is easy enough to find. There are signs and it sits up on an artificial hill such that it rises above the skyline. There is ample street parking because it sits across from a power plant and shipping docks.

Tiger&Turtle bellow the hill

We arrived around 10am and had the entire place to ourselves. There were a few people walking their dogs in the park bellow the Tiger & Turtle, but no one on the structure itself.

Tiger & Turtle Up Close

Finding your way up to the statue is a bit confusing. Standing on the road facing the statue you can follow the path to the left as it winds its way up the hill. We failed to do this and instead took one of the many well-worn paths through the prickly bushes up the hill. I would say I do not recommend this method of ascent, but we also chose this option on the way down even once we knew where the actual road went. The roundabout path looked like a full mile of spiraling up the hill as opposed to a quick two-tenths of a mile if you take a prickly path.

The structure is made of recycled materials and provides an interesting way to see the surrounding countryside. Each view is unique as you rise and fall with the roller coaster.

Tiger & Turtle Loop

You cannot actually walk around the loop. There are gates preventing you from doing so, although I suppose gravity would also prevent you from going up and around. Jeff thought it would be a great American Ninja Warrior obstacle.

On Top of the Tiger & Turtle

The steps are steep and uneven. We kept a tight grip on both kids as we explored. This is not the place to let your little ones run free. (Officially no one under 3 is allowed on the structure.) There is also a warning sign about being on the structure during bad weather.

It was a stop well worth it for me. The only downside is the lack of things around the Tiger & Turtle. The area is quite industrial so if you need a bite to eat or any other services you will need to get back into your car. It proved to be the perfect morning stop to get some energy out before pressing forward on our road trip.

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The Tiger & Turtle was part of our 2015 Christmas Market Road Trip. We stopped in Nuremberg, Heidelberg, Eulenbis and Trier.

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  • We love road trips and this is exactly one of the reasons why – Having the flexibility and freedom to stop at points of interest such as this 🙂 This looks like a very cool structure to explore! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • This place is incredibly interesting!! I had no idea it existed, and I live in Germany. I have to visit it sometime, but I’m not sure how brave will I be to climb the steps haha. Such a cool piece of art!!

    Thank you for sharing this on #MondayEscapes 😀

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