Hoeve Biesland: Our Dutch Farm

Let me start by saying, I do not think it is a “Dutch” thing to have a farm where one buys all their diary, eggs and vegetables. I think we just got lucky.

Windmill Base in Biesland Bos

Hoeve Biesland is a family owned dairy farm that sits tucked into the woods just behind an old windmill foundation. Closer to us than any grocery store, this farm runs a small shop that we have watched expand in our few months here.

Hoeve Biesland farm in Delft

Our first visit was based solely on a recommendation that we could get fresh milk and eggs there. We showed up on bike and purchased some liter milk jars, which you get to fill yourself. (You can watch us fill them on our YouTube channel.) The milk is unpasteurized and runs 0.70 Euro/liter.

Hoeve Biesland Vegie Spread

The produce is seasonal and comes from other farms. It is all organic though and the farm continues to expand the variety of things produced on the farm. It is sold out of a bus-turned-store. The kids love sitting in the driver’s seat, while I fill our bags.

We also rely on the farm as our supplier of local honey. They have some delicious bread loaves that we always grab as well.

They have a wide range of meat available too. We’ve heard they will be opening their own butcher soon. The meat is of course organic (called “Biological” here). We do not eat a lot of meat, but what we have purchased there has been excellent quality.

Visiting with the Cows at Hoove Biesland

The best part about the farm though is that the kids love seeing the animals. It is like errand running and field trip all in one. We’ve seen a ‘just-delivered’ calf being licked by its mother and a kitten who loves to sneak in and try to lap up any spilled milk. There are sheep, cows, horses and pigs all around the farm and a large black dog who seems both dopey and aware of all the comings and goings of the farm.

Fresh Eggs from Hoove Biesland

Rain or shine you will find us there at least once a week enjoying the farm and stocking our shelves.




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