Lunch at Hills & Mills in Delft

Lunch at Hills & Mills in Delft

We started 2016 with family in town and took full advantage by getting in some one-on-one time with the kids. H wanted to go out to lunch with just mommy and daddy. We had just finished a review of the Hills & Mills Cookbook, so we decided to stop by and give their restaurant in Delft a try.

Hills & Mills Front Entrance

It was pouring rain but there is ample bike parking just outside. We undressed from our rain clothing in the front hall and took a seat in the cozy eating area.

Ordering at Hills & Mills

In just a few minutes H’s smoothie arrived along with my coffee.  I should have snapped a picture of my coffee. It was brought out with the espresso shot on the side and poured in at the table. Letting you see the layers of the “Latte Machiatto” form. H loved his smoothie.

Our lunch soon arrived. Jeff and I both ordered open face sandwiches. They were both delicious. My only complaint was the small cutting boards they were served on are the size of the sandwich. We left quite a mess.

Hills & Mills Sandwich


H ordered off the kids menu. The flatbread pizza was yummy. Jeff and I ended up eating most of it since H was so full from his smoothie.

Hills & Mills Flatbread Pizza

We enjoyed our lunch experience and will certainly be back. Hills and Mills is centrally located and kid-friendly which are pluses in my book.



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