Delft Deer Park

Delft Deer Park

In the woods adjacent to Delftse Hout lies a little deer park. A little fenced-in area is home to deer, ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits. This section of the woods is also quite popular for dog walking, so we almost always run into some dogs as well.
Delft Deer Park

It’s on the way home from town for me so we end up spending a lot of time here. It’s the perfect place to stop when I’m running a bit early to pick H up from school or when the day is nice and we just want to be outside.

Delft Deer Park Feeding

We save our vegetable and bread scraps to feed to the deer, as does most everyone else we see there.  The deer come over to you as you approach the fence. The big guy is a bit of a food hog though.

Deer at Deer Park in Delft

It can be a little difficult to find so here it is on a map. There is a small dirt parking lot in the area, but we always go by bike or on foot.

Deer Park


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