Best Day Bag With Kids: Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

My friend B, who is blogging over at Out of Edwards, always finds the best gear. She came to visit a few weeks ago and had the absolute best travel bag: The Fjallraven Totepack No. 1.

The pack is slim and fits right into my bike panniers, even when fully packed. I used to just throw my old bag in the cargo space with the kids but this resulted in children going through my bag looking for snacks and my bag becoming covered in the grime that amasses in the bottom of the Bakfiets.

Purse in Panniers

The best feature though is the many carrying options. The longer, over the shoulder straps, are my favorites. It’s comfortable and is like a normal purse. The short handles are perfect for when I’m trying to look through my bag or when I want to hang it on my stroller. The longer straps also pull into a bookbag strap. Jeff doesn’t love the way it looks when I’m carrying it like this, but it’s perfect for when my hands are full, I’ve got the kids on the playground or my panniers are full.

The bag has an exterior zip-pocket, an interior zip pocket and a zip top. There is also an attachment strap for keys or similar that is long enough to use the keys while still attached to the bag!

I can easily fit the kids’ water bottle, my wallet, diaper clutch, a collapsable shopping bag (you pay for plastic bags in the store so I like to keep one with me all the time), gloves and my assorted purse nicknacks. I’ve packed a stuffed puppy and jackets in there as well.

If you’re looking for some other great finds you can check out B’s Five Favorite Travel Gear Finds.

*I always get asked if I got the product I’m reviewing for free. I did not receive any products for this review and I promise to tell you when I do. Opinions are entirely my own. 


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