Wonderbly Personalized Children’s Books // Review

Wonderbly Personalized Children’s Books // Review

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We love to read. Even the Little Little loves to grab a book and babble as if he is reading. I don’t think we can ever have enough good books in the house, so when I discovered the personalized world of Wonderbly I was elated.

Each Wonderbly book is more than just inserting your child’s name into the book (like we had in our 1980s childhoods). You pick other elements about the story as well, adding to the nature of the book. We have a bit of trouble finding English language books in the Netherlands, so having these books arrive at my door was an added bonus.

We found one book to charm each child and were thoroughly impressed by each one. Here is a run down of what we got and why we loved each.

A Letter To the Littlest Bear

The Little Little

We purchased this adorable book for our Little Little for his first birthday, which was appropriately a Teddy Bear Picnic Party.  In this book you can personalize all the bear characters. We were able to give our Littlest Bear two big brother bears, a mommy and daddy bear and grandparent bears. The older boys love finding their bear in the book as they all search for the Littlest Bear. Our Little Little is completely charmed by the adorable story-line and elated when they find the Littlest Bear. This book also serves as a great keepsake as the inscription you write appears as the letter the characters want to deliver in the story. It’s heartwarming and a perfect first birthday gift

The Kingdom of You 

The Middle Little

What Middle Little doesn’t need a story about being the one in charge? This is actually a favorite of both the older boys, even though it only stars the Middle Little. In this book your child gets to be the king of his own kingdom. You get to choose what the kingdom is made up of, so we choose animals.

We also picked ice cream to be the antagonist in our book, since my Middle Little is totally obsessed with ice cream. In the end the book has a heartwarming message about what happens when all your wishes come true. My littles laugh every time the ice cream cone is defeated and King Middle Little ends up cleaning up the mess.

Lost My Name 

The Big Little

The Lost My Name books are where Wonderbly started and they are just beautiful. Each personalized child goes on an adventure to find their name, meeting creatures starting with each letter of their name.

These books are also available in different languages. We received a Dutch and English version for our Big Little. He loves to compare the different creatures that start with the letter in each language.


The Big Little will be finding The Golden Ticket book under the Christmas tree this year. He had been enchanted with Willy Wonka since we finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory earlier this year.

Wanderbly also has a charming book, The Christmas Snowflake, all about being with family for the holidays. It can accommodate up to nine names. Our children love spotting their names on various graphics throughout the story.

We hope you enjoy these books as much as we have.

We received the Lost My Name and Kingdom of Me books in exchange for this review. We purchased the others ourselves because we genuinely enjoy these books. As always all opinions are my own. 

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    I have a step grandson age 2.5 and a step-granddaughter due in September. You have personalized Children books in Dutch? If so I really am interested

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