eat sleep doodle World Map Tablecloth // Review

eat sleep doodle World Map Tablecloth // Review

I happened upon the eat sleep doodle world map tablecloth at the TATE Modern museum in London. It looked like a wonderful activity to engage the kids in a geography lesson. In addition to loving traveling we are also huge advocates of the Worldschooling movement. We love to integrate the kids’ schooling into our travels, so when I find a product that helps us teach about geography in a fun way, I’m positively giddy.

The eat sleep doodle world map tablecloth turned out to be a huge hit at our house. It was a great way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy Dutch day. The best thing about the world map tablecloth is that you can wash it and use it again and again.

The reusability factor was a huge bonus for me. I’m always thinking up ways to use this sort of play in our education. I did take an iron to the table cloth when we first unpacked it, which made it a bit easier to color on. After washing though it comes out wrinkle free so long as you don’t leave it packed away for too long.

The world map tablecloth comes with washable fabric markers. These worked well and produced really vivid colors, although it seems like they will need to be replaced before the tablecloth. I also really wish there was a brown marker! (Update: eat sleep doodle just let me know that in future sets the grey marker will be replaced by a brown marker. Yea!)

The tablecloth features the 7 wonders of the world. The kids love finding them and coloring them all. I was amazed about how many of the 7 wonders they were familiar with.

The map features a ton of animals, which are fun to color and something the kids can really relate to. This is also why I think the marker pack should have a brown. (Not to harp on it, but lots of animals are brown!!)

On our first pass at coloring I just let the kids go crazy with the markers. We colored animals first. Then my middle little suggested we all write our names where we were born. With Grandma and Grandpa visiting, we were able to mark seven different birthplaces on the map, which was quite fun.

We experimented with coloring the places we had visited one color and places we wanted to visit another color. We drew routes that we have traveled. We all colored our favorite animals. There are a million possibilities with the world map tablecloth, and that is what makes me love it.

Jeff commented that we should bring it with us to restaurants as it kept the kids coloring and chatting with us about travel and animals for an hour. I’m tempted to toss it in our suitcase for our next trip.

Grandma and I even got in on the fun! It is quite fun to sit down at the table and just color. Plus it stimulated lots of travel and geography-related conversations.

If you have an early riser this is a wonderful “invitation to create” to leave out on the table for some morning play. Since it can be washed and used again and again you can really let the kids do whatever on it. The Big Little charted some fun travel routes. We talked about where we would need to take different types of transportation and used all different colors.

The Eat, Sleep, Doodle world map tablecloth is something that kids of all ages can use. My Middle Little is still working on his coloring skills. Coloring with the whole family was a great way for him to practice.

Eat, Sleep Doodle makes a variety of other products that fit the bill as well. There are pillow cases, duvets and placemats that would make a wonderful gift for a travel loving kid.

We love the community feel of the world map tablecloth. I can’t wait to pull this out for playdates and dinner parties.

We received the Eat, Sleep, Doodle World Map Tablecloth in exchange for this honest review. All options are our own. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of our Amazon links Dutch, Dutch Goose receives a small payment at no cost to you. This payment helps us pay for the costs associated with running the page. 

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