Review of GoGo Kidz Travel Wheels

Review of GoGo Kidz Travel Wheels

We usually travel with our car seat. Getting it through the airport became a bit complicated when we welcomed little O and had to transport two car seats. A friend recommended the “Go-Go Wheels” as she called them.

The Go-Go Babz Travelmate Wheels allow you to roll your car seat through the airport like it was a stroller. The wheels attach to your car seat through the seat-belt pass through and attach with a clamp that you can crank tighter. It has a quick release for removal.

We usually attach the wheels right when we get out of the car and ask TSA to hand search the car seat, this involves them patting it down and running a residue test on it.  We detach the wheels on the jetway. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to roll it down the plane aisle and it’s always too wide. The wheels fit in the overhead bin without a problem. I usually try to wait till everyone else has their bags in the overhead and place the wheels on top. I attach them once we have deplaned.

The handle telescopes, although I wish it had one more  click since I’m pretty tall. We ask H to get out of the car seat when we are going on the escalator and just roll that sucker on with us. This is easier than waiting for the elevator. (Please do not use this on the escalator with your kids in it!)

It’s common for people to remark how handy the “go-go wheels” are. Despite all the things I wish were better about it, it is the best product we have found for rolling the car seats through the airport. I’m currently debating ordering another.

When all else fails H just hangs onto our rolling duffle bag!

If you want more information on traveling with your car seat, check out this comprehensive guide from The Family Voyage.

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Go-Go Babyz Travelmate Wheels


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Ease of Use

  • Complicated to install until you get the hang of it
  • Easy to uninstall  [/one_third_first][one_third][wp-svg-icons icon=”coin” wrap=”i”]


  • $75
  • Deluxe model $134 [/one_third][one_third_last][wp-svg-icons icon=”airplane” wrap=”i”]


  • Fits in the overhead bin
  • Handle is flimsy and does not extend as far as I would like
  • Have not found a more convenient option  [/one_third_last]

Disclosure: I’ve recommended a few products from affiliated vendors, so when you purchase something from them I receive a small commission. I would never recommend anything that we did not try out ourselves and love. 

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