Keokee Organized Travel Bag // Review

Keokee Organized Travel Bag // Review

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With three littles I have quite a bit of gear I need to have at my fingertips during trips. I’m always looking for a bag that can hold it all and keep it organized. On a recent trip we put the Keokee tote and organizer to the test.

I thought the Keokee bag would be a good fit for me as I love tote bags. It is a matter of personal preference but I love how you can see inside a tote bag, they offer plenty of room and they always feel comfortable under my arm. They sit upright when you sit them down and they easily slide over handles of rolling suitcases. Jeff is not a fan of totes. He finds them cumbersome.

The Keokee is your standard tote bag with a zipped front pocket and center snap closure. The front zip pocket was perfect for holding our passports, keeping them from falling out but also keeping them easily accessible throughout our travels. The center snap keeps things inside should the tote tip over. I have a zip-top tote from Lands End that keeps things fully enclosed, but also makes it harder to access the things we need easily.

I found the straps really comfortable, but I enjoy carrying my bags in my elbow or up on my shoulder.

The Keokee tote really shines as your airplane personal item. The Keokee bag tucks nicely under the seat in front of you and still leaves plenty of room for my legs to extend there as well.

The included organizer kept everything in its place throughout our travels. The bag went through security, around the airport with us and on and off the plane with everything staying put. I loved that on the plane I could pop the bag open and grab what I needed with just one hand. When traveling with three littles accessing my bag can be quite a challenge! The Keokee bag made this all so easy. Plus I fit so much stuff into this little bag!

The Keokee bag base was also small enough to sit up on the tray table!

When we got home from our trip I unloaded the tote bag and pulled out the organizer for easy cleaning. Then I put it all back in to get it ready for the next trip.

Overall I loved the Keokee as my personal item for the airplane and as my day bag for the beach. It is great for use in the car as well. I’ve also successfully used it as our diaper bag. The only thing I’ve found it doesn’t work well as is my everyday out and about bag. Since it doesn’t zip I worry about someone being able to reach in and grab my phone or wallet. I also like to have my arms free for the kids and activities, for which a tote bag is not ideal.

Keokee has a variety of bag types though so you are sure to find one you like. You can find Keokee bags on their online shop or at Amazon.

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