Little Passports // Review & Discount Code

Little Passports // Review & Discount Code

I’m always looking for ways to combine our “at-home” learning with our travel. Little Passports does just that! Each month we get a packet in the mail to explore a country through activities and tactile items that helps the kids really learn about the world around them.

We get the World Traveler edition. It is aimed at kids 6-10, but we are able to do parts of it as a family. The Big Little (age 6) gets the most out of it though as he can complete the activity packets on his own.

The initial package contains the Little Passport suitcase. This suitcase holds everything you need. The boys are always excited to pull this off the shelf when a new package arrives.

Each country package has a sticker to place on the outside of the suitcase, like a little way to log what you’ve done.

The boys also attach a luggage tag showing all the places we have traveled. They do these two steps and look at the photos while I read the letter telling them about the travel adventures of Sam and Sofia. Then my kids open the little souvenir.

The Little Passports passport has to be stamped. The Big Little is very particular about where he places these stamps. He likes it to look just like his real passport.

Finally, he has to find the place we’ve traveled on the map and place a special place sticker on it. This is one of my favorite parts because it really helps the kids learn where in the world they are. Most of our travel as a family has been in the U.S. and Europe. While my kids are quick to identify places in these areas, Little Passports helps expand their horizons outside of their comfort zone.

Once we have completed all that, the Little Little and Middle Little get distracted doing something else while the Big Little works on his workbook.

These activities vary each month. He is able to do some, like this maze, completely on his own.

Other activities require more reading than my six year old can do on his own so I get to help. I like to keep a sheet of paper nearby so I can write out longer answers and he can copy them into the blanks. He loves doing the whole thing on his own. In this way the Little Passports box ticks quite a few practice areas like reading, handwriting and math.

Finally each packet contains what I like to call a family activity. This is usually a craft or recipe that we can all do together. After a few boxes I learned to take a peek ahead of time so we can have the supplies for this on hand. The kids are so into the box when we are working on it that it’s nice to just finish all the activities at once.

We love using Little Passports to expand our love of travel into our homeschooling. There are a variety of options available including ones that cover just the U.S. states and a Young Explorers package for ages 3-5, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

** Update**

We recently tried out a Young Explorers package for my Middle Little and loved it. It was full of manageable activities for him. This box focused on habitats and included some reusable stickers and sorting activities. The activity packet had dot-to-dots and find whats different activities which are some of his favorites.

You can get $25 off a 12 month subscription of any box using this link.

Little Passports was a gift from the grandparents. We just wanted to pass on a product we really love. 

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