Blow Birthday Cards // Review

Blow Birthday Cards // Review

I’ve mentioned before that one of the worst parts of expat life is feeling disconnected from home. When I was back in the States, I loved sending mail. It was so easy to do. I could put it the box right outside the house, put the flag up and off it went to its recipient.

It’s a bit more difficult to send mail back home from the Netherlands, plus it takes a long time. Cue Blow Birthday Cards. It’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with those back in the States by sending real cards, complete with a handwritten message from anywhere in the world.

I decided to give Blow Birthday Cards a try. It’s simple enough. You head over to their webpage and pick out a card you like. Cards can be viewed by age, recipient or topic. Although the card collection is mainly birthday cards there are a few that are blank inside. I sent three cards, only one of them a birthday card.

There are a variety of cards, all from independent card designers. The collection continues to grow, so check back if you don’t find what you’re looking for this time. (Although, they do seem to have cards on just about every theme!)

Once you pick out your card you simply write your message on a white sheet of paper and snap a picture with your phone. The Blow Birthday Card page will prompt you to send the picture either through text message or Facebook Messenger. We are out of the country making texting a problem, so I used the Facebook Messenger option. It was a snap.

Within seconds of sending my picture my computer screen refreshed with my handwritten note on the card. I was able to adjust the size and position of the handwritten note.

Next you tell Blow Birthday Cards when you want the card to be sent. You can choose a date for it to arrive, or you can have it sent right away. I had two cards sent right away and one I scheduled for a future birthday.

Then I filled in the details for sending and a return address and off the card went.

Most cards cost about $5.00 including the postage. That is roughly what it would cost me to purchase a card and send it from the U.S.

Blow Birthday Cards presents a wonderful option for sending cards when traveling or living out of the country. I love that it can have the personal touch of my handwritten note or doodles, but I can mail them from inside the United States without leaving my computer.

This service can also be used inside the U.S. so if you’re running late or just don’t want to leave the house, this is a great way to get the card in the mail today.

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Blow Birthday Cards provided me with three free cards in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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