Bringing Toys While Traveling with the TeeBee Box // Review

Bringing Toys While Traveling with the TeeBee Box // Review

The kids always want to bring toys along while we are traveling. It can be hard to balance packing lightly and making sure the kids have enough to keep them entertained. The TeeBee Box keeps the boys’ toys under control yet easily accessible for play while traveling.

The TeeBee boxes are hard-sided triangles. I was worried they would be difficult to pack. We found they easily fit in the car on road trips. They are best packed in rolling bags for air travel. They do not fit in our kids’ small backpacks and would be impractical to be carried through the airport. They certainly are not compact, so we will be leaving them at home for ‘carry-on only’ trips.

The triangle TeeBee Box comes in five different colors and with a variety of eyes making it easy to customize your box. This helps us make each kid feel special and keep their special toys separate. The boys always love when they can personalize something themselves.

My kids each picked different eyes for their box. I loved the eye choices so much I searched for other things around the house I could adhere the extra eyes to. With our boxes decorated it was time to fill them. There are so many possibilities!

The moment we received the TeeBee box I knew the Big Little would fill his with Legos. It is the most fantastic thing. He happily sits at an Airbnb kitchen table and plays Legos while we unpack or plan for the day. He pulls out the sorting tray and it often becomes part of his play.

The included brick plate, which sticks to the top is the perfect size for small creations.

We used the brick plate from his brother’s box to give the Big Little’s box double the play area.

The Middle Little is a bit more flexible. He has filled his box with found objects, stickers, trains and little figures. On our current trip he filled his TeeBee Box with Matchbox cars.We love how the box holds just enough toys but not too many. It makes each kid think about what they might want to bring with them.

In the car, the box becomes the perfect play area. The shape is perfect for kids to hold and just enough space to play. The hard sides mean it can be kicked or stepped on without worry about the toys inside. Plus it makes clean-up a breeze. Each kid is able to open their box without assistance.

The TeeBee box would be perfect for transporting toys to playdates or to the grandparents’ house. They are perfect for bringing a few toys with you to a restaurant, doctors office or repair shop to help your kids pass the time. If you are looking for an on the go toy storage solution then the TeeBee box may be for you.

Dutch, Dutch, Goose! received the TeeBee Boxes in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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