Chicco Liteway & Chicco Lightweight // Review

If you’ve visited the By The Numbers page,  you know that our “fleet” of rolling stock borders on the ridiculous. We are always searching for the perfect travel gear, particularly a stroller! Although we love to ‘baby wear,’ with three littles someone always wants a ride and we like having a place to stash our gear.

We arrived in Europe with our Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon, which got quite a bit of use in Colorado but has not been as useful here. It doesn’t fit in our car, so it’s basically limited to neighborhood jaunts. We recently reviewed the YippieYo Cross Buggy, which is great for more adventurous endeavors, but doesn’t help us with longer trips.

Baby Jogger City Select 


Our everyday stroller is the Baby Jogger City Select. I love this stroller! I love it so much I don’t want to take it on an airplane. It’s perfect for hauling my three kiddos around. It breaks down small enough to fit in the car, but not when we have all our luggage in our car as well. The seat doesn’t fit into the bike with the car seat installed and I don’t trust the airlines with it. Meaning, while it’s perfect for the zoo and walks around the neighborhood, it doesn’t help me when we travel.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller 


We picked up the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller when we needed a travel stroller. To be honest I didn’t do a lot of research, but the price was right and the reviews were ok.

Turns out, I hated it. My mom hated it. We are both tall and every time my mom or I pushed the stroller we kicked the bottom. When we had the stroller in New York we actually ejected H a few times when the stroller wheels got caught on the curbs, throwing H onto the sidewalk. It is impossible to push one-handed, which just makes life a bit harder.

The stroller basket is a bit small and hard to access when someone is sitting in the stroller. It will hold a few small things, but not the larger items we often need to carry with all three of the boys with us.


We did love that it comes with a bag and carrying strap. It makes hauling the stroller a bit easier. The bag also keeps the gunk that collects on the wheels from getting on other stuff. The bag is light weight and it doesn’t give it much protection from wear and tear. But Jeff has, on occasion, strapped the bag over his shoulders to carry the stroller to the train station with us.

Chicco Lightway Stroller 


I e-mailed Chicco to let them know I didn’t like the stroller and they offered a different stroller, the Chicco Liteway Stroller.  This stroller design is better for my height, I don’t kick the bottom when I push it – yea!


I love that it fully reclines and the foot area is adjustable so that it forms a small bassinet. This is great for our littlest one.


The full recline also means that the two-year-old can nap in the stroller. When we went to Norway, O spent much of our train trip sleeping in the stroller.

It pushes easily. I do not have the same maneuverability that I have with the Baby Jogger, but it’s so much better then other light weight strollers.  The fabric also completely detaches so you can wash it. The basket underneath is large enough to hold snacks, water bottles and other daily things. It falls a bit short when we need to stuff coats or other weather gear underneath.


Carrying the stroller is where it falls short. It has a carrying handle, but no bag. The handle is good for pulling it in and out of the car, but it does not help us when we are hauling it and all the kids on trains and planes. We’ve gate checked it, and although we have worried about it, it has always done just fine.


The Chicco Lightway Stroller is certainly not perfect. Here are the two Chicco Strollers side by side. We still end up using both depending on how we are traveling.




I’m still on the hunt for something more travel friendly, but we are always happy to have a seat for one of the kids when we are on the go.

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