Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

Against our better judgement we decided to throw in one last outdoor endeavor in the pouring rain and popped into Dunluce Castle. This medieval castle is perched out on an outcrop looking over the sea. It’s a great ruin with plenty to explore and a small kid-friendly discovery museum.

There is ample street parking outside the castle. Enter through the gate and into the entrance building where there is a small gift shop and where you pay your entrance fee. Then you can set off to explore the castle on your own. Download the free App from the Apple Store (also available on Google Play) for an audio tour of your visit.

There exist many myths about the castle, our favorite being how the kitchens fell into the sea one morning during a storm taking the whole kitchen staff with them. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be true. There are so many stories about Dunluce Castle that the Belfast Telegraph printed an article listing¬† 50 fun facts about the castle that is worth checking out.

The castle is not stroller-friendly. If you have little ones with you, you’ll want to keep them close. There are plenty of spots that are just open to the sea below. It’s plenty safe for an adult but little ones that don’t keep their whits about them could take a tumble.

We are huge fans of castle ruins. They just stimulate the imagination of our little guys. We spent most of our visit thinking about what it would be like to live in this castle during a storm. We all agreed it might not be so nice!

The wind was absolutely racing through the ruins on our visit. We would come out from behind a wall and be blown back by the gusts.

The view down the coastline though was just stunning. You can see why this was such a nice place to build a castle. You could see the land and see for miles.


The Middle Little and I were trying to hide from the wind as much as we could without missing anything.

The rest of the family was enjoying climbing some of the interior ruins and guarding the castle from attackers.

The boys’ favorite part was this hole on the ground through the doorway where the wind was rushing up through it. It would knock you back. It made a howling sound. It was really incredible.

When we had had enough of the wind and the rain we headed into the one-room education center. There were some dress-up clothes, a bin to dig in to learn about archaeology, coloring sheets and a video about the castle. We hid from the rain here until we saw the gates being locked, we had overstayed our welcome. Oops. We headed back to the car and to our hotel for the night.


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