The Point Bar in Limavady, Northern Ireland

The Point Bar in Limavady, Northern Ireland

The Point Bar is the town pub on Magilligan Point in Limavady, Northern Ireland. The weather was dreary and we needed a bit of a drive to kill some time. The Point Bar had excellent online reviews and maybe even a ferry over to Ireland, so we decided to drive out to the Point Bar for lunch.

The Point Bar is incredibly kid friendly, has excellent food and a wonderful location. We sat down and ordered lunch. The kids picked some toys from the toy box and enjoyed coloring sheets on the menus. There was so much food and it was all delicious.

Despite the rainy weather The Point Bar was relatively full.

There is a car ferry that leaves from just outside The Point Bar. It only runs in the warmer months though. The ferry delivers you to Greencastle, Ireland. This would be a lovely way to make a little loop through Ireland, ending up back in Londonderry.

Also in nicer weather this would be a wonderful place to walk along the beach and check out the Magilligan Martello Tower. Everything was quiet when we were there and looked lovely. The rain was pouring down so we stayed in the car, otherwise this would have been a great spot for a little walk and views of the sea.

We were treated to a stunning rainbow on our drive back towards Londonderry. This rainbow touched the ground. I’ve never seen that before. I wanted Jeff to keep driving towards it, but this was as close as we could get, which as Jeff says, that’s how rainbows work. He also claims that rainbows are circles when seen from the air – nutty engineers!

Northern Ireland is magical, particularly when you are off the beaten track.

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