Das Leuze Mineralbad: Stuttgart Swimming Pool

A dip in the mineral waters at Das Leuze, a Stuttgart Swimming Pool,  is the perfect addition to any southern Germany family itinerary.

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We love to add in a swim whenever we can. The whole family enjoys swimming and the kids always sleep so well after a day at the pool. That is why we were so excited to check out the Stuttgart Swimming Pool, Das Leuze.

The Das Leuze swimming facility is fed by several medicinal mineral springs, which the area is known for. These springs lead to a wonderful bathing experience for the entire family.

Your Arrival 

The trickiest thing about Das Leuze is getting registered. Parking was a bit of a mess, but we arrived mid-day and there was a lot of construction in the area. There are several parking lots, but Google Maps brought us to a small parking lot under a bridge. We just had to wait until someone left to find a spot.

There are two desks you can use to check in. The women working were a bit gruff but eventually helped us get everything worked out. There are lots of options, as entry is timed and there are a variety of different services. There are also several automatic ticket kiosks you can use, but there were so many options we found it better to go to the employee at the counter.

Once you get inside you head down the stairs to the changing rooms. The blue token you receive at check-in opens a locker. There is a family locker room if you go two floors down. The lockers in the family locker room take coins so you cannot use the blue tokens. It is important to note that you need these blue tokens to exit the facility so don’t lose them.

Change in the changing facility, store your stuff, take a shower and head out to the pools. 

What to Pack 

You will need to bring a towel with you. When we travel we like to use these compact microfiber towels. They pack easily and dry quickly. Plus they are full size towels! 

You will want a sandal or slip-on shoe as the facility is large and has a variety of terrain from stone to grass.

We always travel with floats for the Middle and Little Little. We like these Puddle Jumpers better than the inflatable armband variety because they keep the chest and arms above the water. The Big Little has his A Diploma and is a pretty strong swimmer, but keeping an eye on the other two can be a bit challenging. The Puddle Jumpers can be packed compactly by folding in the arms and fastening the strap around the arms.

Reusable swim diapers. Most European pools require you to use a reusable swim diaper, not disposable ones. These are available for sale at the desk or just make sure you pack one. 

Our visit was in the summer so we needed hats, sunglasses and copious amounts of sunscreen. 

Enjoying the Pools 

The Das Leuze facility is large with both indoor and outdoor pools. Our kids loved the variety of pools and activities. We found a spot on the lawn for our stuff and headed out to explore the pools.

The kids pools are large and have lots of fun features that the Little Little and Middle Little really enjoyed float free. We loved how many things there were for the Little Little to do. So often we feel that he is just along for the ride. It was so nice to get some Little Little centered play time. 

I didn’t get a great photo of my favorite feature – a wall full of bathroom knobs for kids to play with. There were constantly kids there turning the faucets on and off! 

There was plenty for the big little to do at Das Lueze. He loved standing in all the different water features, going down the larger slide in the kids pool and messing around with all the fun pool toys.

We also ventured out into the outdoor pools to try them all out. There are so many fun features from a lazy river to waterfalls. Since we were visiting with friends we were able to have all the kids swimming around and having a great time.

Inside and out, the pools are so warm and lovely. We visited on a hot day and it still felt nice. I’m sure it feels even better when it is cold outside. 

Food and Fun 

There are a variety of good food options available. We took advantage of the summer biergarten. We got a variety of brats, fries and beers to enjoy while sitting on lounge chairs in the sand. There are also several indoor restaurants.

You will also find a large playground and oversized chess set for the kids to enjoy. We also just relaxed a bit on the grass and enjoyed the sun. Our three hours quickly passed us by. It was easy to see how you could spend a full day at Das Leuze.

In addition to being a great family activity, visiting a Stuttgart Swimming Pool is a great way to get a glimpse at life in Germany. You don’t find a lot of tourists here, just a lot of German families enjoying the mineral water. A peek into life in another country is exactly what we like on our trips. 

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