A Quick Stop in Baden Baden, Germany

A Quick Stop in Baden Baden, Germany

Baden Baden has a reputation as an adorable spa town on the Germany-France border. We have heard people raving about Baden-Baden, so we wanted to check it out. We spent two hours in Baden-Baden, just enough to have lunch and take a small walking tour of the city. With a spa visit, you could easily spend the day here.

We parked in the Vincenti Parking lot, which is convenient to the heart of the city.

Goldenen Löwen is a lovely BierGarden connected to a hotel. We found a shady seat outside on the patio and enjoyed a traditional German meal. Without kids we could have sat on this patio all day enjoying German bears and people watching. (Editor’s Note: We didn’t see any German bears, but did enjoy the German beers.) With the Little Little sleeping, we stayed and completed some school work.

Post lunch we followed the Rick Steves walking tour around town. The town is small and easily walkable.

Baden-Baden has been a spa town since the time of the Romans. Most people are here to enjoy the spas. There is even a spa that offers child care. (We should have taken advantage of this but were quite excited to visit our friends in Stuttgart and wanted to get moving.)

Overall we didn’t find Baden-Baden particularly child friendly.

Baden Baden was a picturesque stop to be sure though. In our opinion it is worth popping into for lunch, but no need to stay much longer unless you will be visiting the spa.

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