Refinishing Bedside Tables with Fusion Mineral Paint

Refinishing Bedside Tables with Fusion Mineral Paint

I’ve done a lot of different craft projects, but never dared to take on something like repainting furniture. My friend Amber, who writes at Poole It Together, is a pro and guided me through the whole process. In fact, Amber and I got so into refinishing stuff that we joked about one day opening a store to just refinish stuff. ha! I’m here to tell you that you can do this! It is way easier than it looks, but it does take some time.

We needed some end tables for our new master bed room. We’ve had babies in 2012, 2014 and 2016 so I’ve had a co-sleeper sidled up to the bed for a long time! When we removed the co-sleeper I would just find whatever piece of furniture I could to place a book on and go with it. At one point I was even using an Ikea cart.

While cleaning out my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house I came across two wooden bedside tables. Under Amber’s guidance I decided I could give them new life as my new bedside tables. We loaded them into the minivan and brought them home.

Amber has been using Fusion Mineral paint and encouraged me to give it a try. It is easy to use, required no sanding and she promised I could do the whole project with one bottle! I chose Lamp White for my color. I also purchased the recommended oval brush. Then I got to work painting.

After the first coat, I got a bit worried as you could see brush strokes and there was not full coverage. I ended up doing three coats, letting each one dry overnight before applying the next coat.

When the paint had fully dried, I applied the Fusion Mineral Tough Coat Matte to just the table top with a damp sponge. I applied three coats of this just to protect the top of the table.

It took me forever to find the hardware I wanted, but I finally settled on these glass knobs that I found on sale at HomeGoods. I couldn’t beat the price and they brought a little bit of softness to the otherwise hard angles of the tables.

Once I had the tables in my room I used Velcro Command Strips (any size) to attach the on/off switch of our farmhouse lights as well as my phone charger to the back of the table. This puts them both easily in reach.

Other than my indecision on the drawer pulls, the project took me about a week to complete. The tables added a ton of storage to our bedroom, which we used to fill with children’s books! ha! Such is life.

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