Bathroom Facelift

Bathroom Facelift

The bathroom like much of the house just felt dated. It also contained so much brass it was hard to take in all at once. A full scale renovation of the bathroom is not in the budget so instead we made some small changes to start to make everything feel a bit more modern.

The problem with bathrooms is that over the life of the house things just start to feel dated. We love the bones of this room. It is huge with lots of light! A glass shower door, free standing tub, raised counters and individual mirrors over the counters would be amazing. However, that is not happening right now.

What we were able to do was add a floating shelf above the tub. This broke up the huge empty wall and gave the room a focal point that wasn’t the huge mirror. The more white we add to the room the more it draws focus away from the brass.

In this photo from the house listing you can see all the brass and you can see the boob light that had to go.

I had already removed the dining room light (seen above in the listing photo) to replace it with something else, so I opted to repurpose it as our bathroom light.

We removed all the bulbs, taped over the lightbulb receptacles and spray painted it white. Jeff strung it over two sawhorses using a dowel (actually a piece of bamboo from the yard) for me for super easy spray painting. (He did several of the coats as well which was a huge help!)

It provides much more light than the old boob light and looks a bit more modern. We also started replacing some of the brass drawer pulls, hangers and knobs with white ones. The current issue is that I can’t find a white drawer pull that I love.

Although the boys have their own bathroom they always seem to end up bathing in our tub. In order to contain all the toys, and still keep the tranquil feeling I like to have in my bathroom, I used a tiered basket.

This room still has a lot of items left on my wish list for this room. However, I think the few improvements we made have helped. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for our next steps!

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